Fall Sports

The Fall Sports Season begins on August 9, 2021.  The following sports are included in the Fall Season:  Boys' Cross Country, Girls' Cross Country, Cheerleading (Sideline), Dance (Sideline), Girls' Field Hockey, Football, Boys' Golf, Girls' Golf, Boys' Soccer, Girls' Swimming and Diving, Girls' Tennis, and Girls' Volleyball.


Physical Examination Forms must be on file in the Athletic Department Office (North Building) by August 6, 2021 in order to participate.  Physical Examination Forms can be submitted at the Security Desk in the North Building (Enter Door A) or sent via email to ddehaan@hf233.org.  Please note:  The Physical Exam/Vaccination Report required for incoming Freshman can be used to participate in athletics.  


A student athlete interested in participating in a Fall Sport, must be registered on the 8to18 Dashboard.  The registration for Fall Sports will open on July 14, 2021.

Please visit  https://hf.8to18.com/accounts/login or select the Registration tab above to register.


Please review the Fall Sports Opening Day link in the "Resource" section for the locations and start times for the first few days of practices/tryouts.


8/14/2021 6:16 PM


2020-2021 JV Roster
Jersey Name Position Height Weight Class
Raul Agodon 5'8" 2022
Douglas Austin 6'0" 2024
Matthius Douglas 5'5" 2024
Armando Fonseca 5'7" 2024
Connor Garhammer 5'8" 2023
Nicolas Haywood 5'10" 2023
Tim Hoekstra 5'8" 2023
Devin Kenebrew 5'11" 2023
Bryan Magana 5'4" 2023
Nolan McNellis 5'9" 2023
Larsen Prokop 5'10" 2023
Emmanuel Ramirez 5'8" 2024
Sebastian Rodriguez 5'9" 2022
Alexander Rojas 5'10" 2023
Omyyad Salah 5'9" 2023
Kai Scott 5'9" 2024
Jose Serrato 5'5" 2023
Ali Taofik 5'11" 2023
Coaching Staff
Johnny Glass
Assistant Coach


Armando Lopez
Head JV Coach