Spring Sports Opening Day

Due to Region 10 (Suburban Cook County) moving to "Phase 4 COVID-19 Mitigations", the IHSA has approved a Spring Sports Season.  The following sports are included in the Spring Season:  Boys' Gymnastics, Field Hockey, Football, Boys' Soccer, Girls' Volleyball, Boys' Water Polo and Girls' Water Polo.


All recommendations from the IHSA, CDC and IDPH will be followed.  


IHSA Announcement


Physical Examination Forms must be on file in the Athletic Department Office (North Building) in order to participate.  Physical Examination Forms can be submitted at the Security Desk in the North Building (Enter Door A) or sent via email to ddehaan@hf233.org.  Please note:  The Physical Exam/Vaccination Report required for incoming Freshman can be used to participate in athletics.


A student athlete interested in participating in a Spring Sport, must be registered on the 8to18 Dashboard.  

Please visit  https://hf.8to18.com/accounts/login or select the Registration tab above to register.



Practice/Tryout Schedule - Opening Day


Boys' Gymnastics - March 15th


  • All Levels  
  • Gymnastics Room:  3:30pm to 5:30pm



Field Hockey - March 8th


  • JV Level and Varsity Level
  • Turf Room:  3:30pm to 5:30pm



Football - March 3rd


  • Freshman Level
  • West Field:  3:30pm to 5:30pm
  • Sophomore Level 
  • West Field:  3:30pm to 5:30pm   
  • Varsity Level
  • Stadium and Turf Room:  3:30pm to 6:30pm


Boys' Soccer - March 1st (No School)


  • JV2 Level 
  • Turf Room:  2:00pm to 4:00pm
  • JV1 Level
  • Turf Room:  12:00pm to 2:00pm
  • Varsity Level
  • Turf Room:  9:00am to 12:00pm


Girls' Volleyball - March 8th 


  • Freshman Level 
  • Fieldhouse Court 2 and Fieldhouse Court 3:  3:30pm to 5:30pm
  • JV Level
  • Fieldhouse Court 4:  3:30pm to 5:30pm
  • Varsity Level
  • South Gym:  3:30pm to 5:30pm


Boys' Water Polo - March 15th


  • JV Level and Varsity Level
  • Pool: 5:30pm to 7:30pm 


Girls' Water Polo - March 15th


  • JV Level and Varsity Level
  • Pool: 3:30pm to 5:30pm 





3/16/2021 2:46 PM

Return to Athletics Update: February 20, 2021

Due to Region 10 (Suburban Cook County) moving to "Phase 4 COVID-19 Mitigations", the IHSA has approved the resumption of winter sports.  The following sports are included in the winter season:  Badminton, Boys' Basketball, Girls' Basketball, Competitive Cheerleading, Competitive Dance, Girls' Gymnastics, Ice Hockey and Boys' Swimming/Diving.  In "Phase 4" all sports are allowed to participate in competitions.  The guidance from the IHSA, CDC and IDPH will be followed. 


Registration is open for the following seasons:

  • Spring Season:  Boys' Soccer, Field Hockey, Football, Girls' Volleyball, Boys' Gymnastics, Boys' Water Polo, and Girls' Water Polo.
  • Summer Season:  Baseball, Boys' Lacrosse, Girls' Soccer, Softball, Boys' Tennis, Boys' Track and Field, Girls' Track and Field, Boys' Volleyball, Wrestling.


For more information, please visit:  IHSA Update.


The Athletic Department has created a plan that includes the most recent changes to the seasons, schedules, competitions, contact days, guidelines, and procedures.  We are in the process of finalizing schedules for the sports in the Spring Season and Summer Season.  More information to follow.


Winter Season schedules are posted on the website.

3/15/2021 1:41 PM

Student Athlete of the Week

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Go Vikings!

6/5/2021 5:34 PM

Vikings Update

Event Details

  • January 13th, 2018

  • 9:00 AM


  • Varsity

  • Boy

  • Game

  • Home

  • Homewood-Flossmoor

  • Fieldhouse

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Game Summary


31 25 36



36 45 28

Homewood Flossmoor High School -  31       Fenton High School - 36

106lb - J. Koskiewilz (FHS) over (HF) (FFT)   6-0

113lb - Briscoe Watson (HF) over (FHS) (FFT)   6-0

120lb - Dewayne Levy (HF) over (FHS) (FFT)   6-0

126lb - D. Burch (FHS) over (HF) (FFT)   6-0

132lb - J. Piskorz (FHS) over Elyja Parker (HF) (Fall 1:30)   6-0

138lb - Taylin Oliver (HF) over D. Ramirez (FHS) (Dec 8-6)   3-0

145lb - Caleb Snoddy (HF) over C. Mercado (FHS) (Dec 11-7)   3-0

152lb - M. Gonzalez (FHS) over Kahlid Lamarre (HF) (Dec 10-9)   3-0

160lb - Tyson Pitts (HF) over R. Bracamontes (FHS) (Dec 7-1)   3-0

170lb - Tommy Dantzler (HF) over A. Park (FHS) (MD 10-1)   4-0

182lb - J. Butts (FHS) over Kareeem Cooper (HF) (Dec 9-8)   3-0

195lb - B. Butts (FHS) over Justin Whiteside (HF) (Fall 1:53)   6-0

220lb - M. Valadez (FHS) over Michael Ford (HF) (Fall 5:40)   6-0

285lb - Jeff Griffin (HF) over (FHS) (FFT)   6-0

Homewood Flossmoor High School - 25      Glenbard West High School -  45

106lb - Lucas Dusik (GW) over (HF) (FFT)   6-0

113lb - Catron Frazier (GW) over Briscoe Watson (HF) (Tech Fall 15-0)   5-0

120lb - Justin King (GW) over Dewayne Levy (HF) (MD 12-2)   4-0

126lb - Will Om-Field (GW) over (HF) (FFT)   6-0

132lb - Aaron Castellanos (GW) over Elyja Parker (HF) (Fall 3:58)   6-0

138lb - Will Vesevick (GW) over Taylin Oliver (HF) (MD 10-0)   4-0

145lb - Peyton Nimsakont (GW) over Caleb Snoddy (HF) (Tech Fall 17-1)   5-0

152lb - Kahlid Lamarre (HF) over Matt Cranny (GW) (Dec 20-13)   3-0

160lb - Tyson Pitts (HF) over John Solak (GW) (Fall 4:46)   6-0

170lb - Tommy Dantzler (HF) over Bryan Castaneda (GW) (Fall 1:26)   6-0

182lb - Justin Whiteside (HF) over Bobby May (GW) (MD 16-8)   4-0

195lb - Jakuh Macrorowski (GW) over Kareem Cooper (HF) (Dec 5-2)   3-0

220lb - Connor Skryd (GW) over Michael Ford (HF) (Fall 2:34)   6-0

285lb - Jeff Griffin (HF) over (GW) (FFT)   6-0

Homewood Flossmoor High School - 36     Cary-Grover High School - 28

106lb - (HF)(CG) (Double FFT)   0-0

113lb - Briscoe Watson (HF) over Colin Sugko (CG) (Dec 9-3)   3-0

120lb - Charlie Gruan (CG) over Dewayne Levy (HF) (MD 16-4)   4-0

126lb - Caleb Rohrbach (CG) over (HF) (FFT)   6-0

132lb - Adam Pinter (CG) over Elyja Parker (HF) (Fall 2:40)   6-0

138lb - Taylin Oliver (HF) over (CG) (FFT)   6-0

145lb - Caleb Snoddy (HF) over Tyler Strege (CG) (MD 17-9)   4-0

152lb - Kahlid Lamarre (HF) over Brian Haglund (CG) (Fall 4:47)   6-0

160lb - Isaac Rands (CG) over Tyson Pitts (HF) (Dec 4-2)   3-0

170lb - Tommy Dantzler (HF) over Mitchel Dec (CG) (Tech Fall 19-4)   5-0

182lb - Connor McCratic (CG) over Justin Whiteside (HF) (Dec 7-6)   3-0

195lb - Kareem Cooper (HF) over (CG) (FFT)   6-0

220lb - Cadin Koeppel (CG) over Michael Ford (HF) (Fall 2:22)   6-0

285lb - Jeff Griffin (HF) over (CG) (FFT)   6-0