Activities Schedules and Registration

We are in the process of updating the schedules for all Activities for (21-22).  If there is a star to the right of the year* for the event date, the event is not confirmed and/or has not been updated from last year.  Dates are subject to change.

Before participating in any Activities, students must be registered on the 8to18 Dashboard.  Registration is currently open for most Activities.  Parents/Guardians will have to register their student on the website in order to participate.  



10/31/2021 10:00 PM


2020-2021 Participants
Name Class
Jalen Allred-Coleman 2024
Louis Bloomberg 2024
Fleming Brewer 2024
Kamya Brown 2022
Chloe Castady 2021
Noah Clausing 2022
Eliana Dastici 2021
Ethan Eisenberg 2021
Joshua Fajardo 2024
Christina Franklin 2023
Citlally Gabriel 2023
Andrew Hale 2022
Samia Howard 2021
Jotham Israel 2021
David Kenebrew 2022
Jacquelyn Klupchak 2021
Raigan Lydon 2022
Lea Ryndak 2023
Ari Jacob Sline 2021
Gianna Smith 2021
Olivia Sowacke 2021
Emma Steiner 2024
Myles Taylor 2023
Benjamin Turnquest 2021
Jasmen Walker 2024
Devon Wilkins 2021
Mark Ciesielski
Head Sponsor