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2019-2020 Athletics Registration and Registration Close Dates

Registration for high school and middle school is open. All parents/guardians are encouraged to register their child/children as soon as possible to allow for any changes needed for planning purposes. If you have any questions, please contact the athletics office at 815.824.2197 (ext. 1008) or email

You can see who is registered by clicking on this link. Rosters will be posted on the athletics website once they are set.
Registered athletes:

Registration will close for the following sports on these dates:
MS Softball: August 7 (CLOSED)
MS Baseball: August 14 (CLOSED)
HS Fall Sports: August 17 (CLOSED)
MS Soccer/Volleyball: August 22 (CLOSED)
MS Boys Basketball/Cheerleading: October 25 (CLOSED)
HS Winter Sports: November 13 (CLOSED)
MS Girls Basketball: January 13 (CLOSED)
HS Spring Sports: March 13
MS Track: March 27

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