Cancellations for Athletic Practices and Events

All practices and contests are cancelled through April 30.  Should the Governor lift the restrictions, we will resume practice/competitions on May 1.    

5/1/2020 11:53 PM

Mission Statement

The mission of Joliet Central Athletics, rich in tradition, is to provide a positive competitive experience through our Steelmen Standards of Excellence:  culture, commitment, character, confidence and communication.

2019-2020 Coaching Commitments

As an Athletic Department Coaching Staff, we are committing to the following:


Culture isn’t one thing, it’s everything.  It is created by what you think, say, and do.  Culture is

dynamic and created by everyone: coaches, student-athletes, parents, community, staff. We are all-in.


You win in the mind first and then you win on the field.  It starts with YOU. Having a positive mindset that you and your team can win and can create success together.  Feed the positive dog. Believing in our student-athletes and coaches.


Communication builds trust.  Trust is key to building relationships. Relationships are the foundation upon which teams are built. Clear communication is key. Everyone being on the same page. We are one and we need to communicate and build this together.