IHSA Sports Season Changes/Fall Registration

The IHSA has announced that we will now have four sports seasons:  Fall, Winter, Spring, and Summer.  Please see the updated start dates by clicking the "2020-2021 Sports Season Start Dates" tab under Resources.


Fall Sport athletes (Boys and Girls Cross Country, Boys and Girls Golf, Girls Swimming and Diving, and Girls Tennis), registration is now open.  Please register online for your individual sport.  You must be registered before August 10th or you will not be allowed to tryout.  Please see directions on how to register under the "Resources" tab.


Sports Physicals - Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors must have an up to date physical.  Please turn in your physical to the Athletic Office or email them to Katie Perkins - kperkins@lw210.org.  Please make a copy of your physical for your records.


Freshman do not require a separate Sports Physical - the High School Physical required to enter school is the only physical they need.  Please turn a copy of that physical into the Athletic Office or email them to Katie Perkins - kperkins@lw210.org.  You will need to turn the physical into the Athletic Office first and we will send it to the nurse after it is entered into the 8to18 website.  Please make a copy of your physical for your records.

Sports Physicals must be scanned (do not take a picture).  Parent, Student, and Doctor signatures are required.  Please do not turn any physicals into your coach.


***The dates, times, and locations for the first day of fall sports can be found in "Fall Sports Locations - 1st Day" tab under Resources.

8/10/2020 4:55 PM


2017-2018 Sophomore Roster
Jersey Name Position Height Weight Class
Robert Bennett 6'0" 225 2020
Carson Cady 5'10" 170 2020
Harrison Dubois 6'1" 160 2020
Nicholas Farrell 5'11" 175 2020
Lucas Hancock 6'1" 150 2020
David Helwich 6'1" 190 2020
Liam Higgins 5'10" 170 2020
Mark Husenger 5'8" 200 2020
Chris Jelley 5'11" 145 2020
Ryan Kraft 6'3" 175 2021
Matthew Maloney 5'10" 150 2021
Michael Maloney 5'10" 150 2021
Nicholas Martino 5'10" 170 2020
John McGuire 6'0" 170 2020
Quinn McGuire 6'2" 185 2021
Sean Michalak 5'10" 135 2020
Tyler Misch 5'5" 125 2020
Colin Perez 5'10" 130 2020
Khristian Pieczynski 5'9" 150 2020
Zachary Ward 6'1" 165 2020
Logan J Watta 5'7" 125 2020
Coaching Staff