School of Champions Update

Event Details

  • April 20th, 2021

  • 5:30 PM

  • Lacrosse

  • Varsity

  • Girl

  • Game

  • Lane vs WY

  • Home

  • Whitney Young

  • Lane Stadium

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Game Summary






LT Girls Lacrosse Kick Season Off With a Bang

Lane Tech Stadium - The Lane Tech Girls Lacrosse team made a statement with their first game. Their season-opening and home-opening game versus Whitney Young resulted in a staggering 10-3 victory for the Lane Tech girls.


The Lane Tech Varsity Girls Lacrosse team got off to a hot start, taking a commanding 5-0 lead in the first half. The lead got as big as 8-0 in the second half, before Lane started making some substitutes. Notable performers included Haley Powers on defense, making tons of interceptions and creating turnovers. Lydia Glenn- and midfielder- had a tremendous impact on the offensive end, scoring the most goals for Lane.


“Our team came in determined to win and we succeeded tremendously. But this is just the start of our success, and we’ve got high expectations that we will hold ourselves to the rest of the season.” - Veronica Szlachta.


The Lane Tech Girls Lacrosse team started their season hot with a dominant victory over a usually-good Whitney Young. Good luck to the girls in their next game versus Taft on April 22nd at 4:50 p.m., where they’ll be looking to cement themselves as a potential favorite this year!