Winter Sports Tryout Schedule

Winter Tryout Schedule: All athletes must have an IHSA physical approving sports participation.




October 28th: Check in for Freshman Tryouts: numbers assigned for tryouts 3:30pm in Gym 2)

November 1st: Varsity 3:30-6:00pm (Gym 1), Sophomores: 5:00-7:00pm (Gym 1), Freshmen 5:00-7:00pm (Gym 2)

November 2nd: Varsity 3:30-6:00 (Gym 1), Sophomores: 5:30-7:30 (Gym 1), Freshmen 5:00-7:00pm (Gym 2)

November 3rd: Varsity 3:30-6:00 (Gym 1), Sophomores: 5:30-7:30 (Gym 1), Freshmen 5:00-7:00pm (Gym 2)


November 3rd: Tryout informational meeting: 3:30pm (Room 220)

November 8th: Varsity: 3:30-5:30pm (Gym 1), Sophs 5:30-7:30pm (Gym 2), Freshmen 6:00-7:30am (Gym 1)

November 9th: Sophs: 5:30-7:30pm (Gym 1), Freshmen: 6:00am-7:30am (Gym 1)

November 10th: Mandatory Parent Meeting for those that make the team (6:00-7:00pm in Cafeteria)




October 26th: (4:00-6:00pm) at Waveland Bowl



November 16th: (4:00-6:00pm) at Waveland Bowl


Competitive Cheer:

October 21st: Informational meeting about tryouts (4:00pm in Cafeteria)

October 26th: (4:00-6:00pm) Cafeteria

October 28th: (4:00-6:00pm) Cafeteria

October 29th: (4:00-6:00pm) Cafeteria

Contact Coach Vale ( for details regarding competitive cheer tryouts. 




November 22nd-23rd (Pool 3:30pm-5:30pm)


Track (Indoor):

Boys: Tryouts in January (Contact Coach Roof with questions:                                                                                                                                                                                        

Girls: Tryouts in January (Contact Coach Frank with questions:                                                 


November 8th - No tryouts, no cuts. Co-ed Practice for all levels begins at 3:30pm in Gym 3 (3:30-6:00pm)


11/23/2021 2:45 PM

School of Champions Update

Event Details

  • October 23rd, 2021

  • 8:00 AM

  • Tennis

  • Varsity

  • Girl

  • Game

  • State Finals TBA

  • TBD

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Game Summary





Lane Tech vs Whitney Young

211 S Laflin St-

On September 23rd, the 2021 Lane Tech Girls Tennis team faced a loss against Whitney Young with a total of 0-5 in an away game.


Alessia Olson started off with a single-match with player Bell and Bell took the win with a score of 0-6 and another match of 0-6. In the second singles match Maya Wagner-Tyre vs Arushi, Arushi was able to take a win as well with a score of 4-6 and another set of 2-6. 


First doubles match, Mary Rau and Shawn Wilkie vs Jana and Jenna, Whitney was able to pull yet another win with a score of 1-6 and a second set with 2-6.  In the second match of doubles Logan Kane and Kael Carmona vs Sydney and Aria, Whitney won both sets with a score of 1-6 and of 0-6. In the final match, Maya Minitai and Nova Gladen vs Celina Lane Tech were faced with yet another loss with a score of 4-6, and in the second set, they lost with a score of 3-6.


Despite the losses today our girls played well and hope to win upcoming games in the future such as their next game against St. Ignatius on September 24, 2021.