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Event Details

  • October 10th, 2019

  • TBA

  • Cross Country

  • Varsity

  • Boy

  • Game

  • Meet

  • Home

  • lane tech rising runners

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Game Summary


2nd Place 40 Points



Lane Tech Finish as Close Second in Rising Runners Invitational


LANE TECH CAMPUS - The Boys Lane Tech Cross Country team finished in second place on Thursday, October 10 in their annual Rising Runners Invitational. Totaling an impressive 40 points, Lane Tech flew past their opponents, but merely fell short to Mather’s 39 points.


Leading the Boys Cross Country team, Lane Tech junior Andrew Beaudet tied for first place in the 2.03-mile run with a time of 10:52.5. Senior Charlie Drohomyrecky completed the run in 11:18.8, to be the 6th runner to cross the finish line. Junior Zach Genin came in ninth place with a time of 11:35.6, being the third Lane Tech runner to finish within the top ten of the entire event. As hard as these results were to beat, Mather High School came into the Rising Runners Invitational with fierce competition. Mather, led by Sophomore Emmanuel Nwatu (finished in fourth place with a 11:09.4), ended the race with four students in the top ten. Micah Cohen from Idacrown Jewish High School, stole the show when he ran the race in 10:52.5, tying Beaudet. Although the results coming from the rest of Idacrown Jewish were not significant, Cohen’s time was strong enough to place the school in fourth place of the day’s competition. Apart from Idacrown Jewish 2:04 min time spread, Mather and Lane Tech finished in the top two with the fastest time spreads. With a time spread of 0:40 min, Mather would finish the fastest in that category as well, with Lane Tech not too far behind in second place with a time spread of 0:46 min.


The Lane Tech Boys Cross Country team look to get their revenge on Mather High School, and a variety of the best CPS teams on Wednesday, October 16. The Chicago Public League City Championships will be held at Horner Park, beginning at 1:30 PM with all eyes on Lane Tech.