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If you haven't heard, the IHSA did release a statement regarding the outlook of our Athletic programs for the 20-21 school year. The great news is nothing has been cancelled! The hope is now we all do our part in assuring we keep heading in the right direction. So, the stage has been set and now we need to adjust, prepare mentally and physically, train and get excited about this. A positive mindset always prevails. We are looking for our 20-21 Fall programs to set the tone for us (B/G Golf, B/G XC, Girls Tennis and Girls Swim and Dive). Be patient with our staff as we make necessary adjustments and believe me, we will be ready when we are able to go!!! Lets Go Go Mustangs!!


8/14/2020 12:05 AM

















Dr. Karen Sullivan


Dr. Darrell Echols

Assistant Principals

Ms. Laurie James-Schrader, Ms. Quynh Harvey, Mr. Dan DeBruycker

Athletic Director

Mr. Matt Fehrmann

Assistant Athletic Director

Fall:  Claudio Torres, Kris Kalivas
Winter:  Dave MacDonald, Kevin Wynard
Spring: Matt Main, Ben Kleinhans

Athletic Department Secretary

Shari Olsen

Athletic Trainer

 Jake Reist, Alison Joniak, Andrea Kovalsky






Varsity - Lisa Braheny
JV - Allysa Manzari

Cross Country - Boys

Varsity: David Schumacher

Asst:  Tom Womack

Cross Country - Girls

Head Varsity - Eric Anerino
Assist - Allysa Schneider


Head Varsity - John Parpet
Sophomore - Rob Woolwine
Freshmen  - Jeff Schey

Golf - Boys

Head Varsity  - Pat Brusveen
Assist- Jim Klappauf

Golf - Girls

Head Varsity - Brad Lange
Assist- Collin Hayes


Varsity - Erin Johnson
Assist - Anna Oswald

Soccer - Boys

Head Varsity - Josh Robinson
Assist - Craig Tomczak, Rachel Bostick
JV1 - Steve Kimel
JV2 - John Riddle
Frosh - Justin Cronin

Swimming & Diving - Girls

Head Varsity - Mark Jager
Assist- Tom Schweer
Assist - Alex Gidlow, Krystal White
Diving - Meghan Flannagan

Tennis - Girls

Varsity - Kole Clousing
Assist - Kelly Federschmidt
Assist - Ken Lakowski

Volleyball - Girls

Head Varsity - Dave Macdonald
Assist- Agustin Colima
JV - Darren Honda
Soph - Katie Wyss
Freshman - Rob Tesmond, Bailey Greenaberg





Basketball - Boys

Head Varsity -Isaiah Davis
Asst - Matt Logan
Sophomore - Shaun Collins, Nate Gehrt
Freshmen - Jaleel Queary, TJ Klatka

Basketball - Girls

Head Varsity -Keith McIntosh
Assist. V - Kim Puk
Sophomore - Kelly Wallner
Assist - Jamie Nielson
Freshmen A - Alana Warren
Freshmen B -

Bowling - Girls

Head Varsity -Kristen Mansmith
JV - Rob Mickolayck, Todd Ridgeway, Gregg Zicha

Gymnastics - Girls

Varsity - Phillip Gilmer

Asst: Ashley Piton

Swimming & Diving - Boys

Head Varsity -Mark Jager
Assist - Alex Gidlow
Diving - Tyler Yates


Varsity -Matt Long
Assist. - Kevin Garbis, Alex Bowers, Kole Clousing, Terry Alexander, Marc Hornig





Badminton - Girls

Varsity -Nikki Liska
JV I - Alex Mika
Freshman - Alissa Johnsen

Baseball - Boys

Head Varsity - Steve Colombe
Asst. Varsity -  Russ Lorenz & Andre Carriere

JV - Mark Murphy & Lupe Castellanos
Frosh/Soph - Justin Cronin & Mike Semmens
Freshmen - Nick Reeser & Ernesto Raya

Soccer - Girls

Head Varsity -Chris Whaley
Asst. Coach - Josh Robinson & Rachel Bostick
JV Coach - John Riddle

JV2 - Steven Kimel

Fr Coach - Brienna Kruit

Tennis - Boys

Varsity - Kole Clousing
JV I - Miranda Kay

JV 2 - Ken Lakowski

Track & Field - Boys

Head Varsity -Aaron Lewis

Track & Field - Girls

Head Varsity - Charmaine Petersen

Volleyball - Boys

Head Varsity -John Aister
Asst. Coach - Katie Wyss
JV - Darren Honda
Freshmen  A - Rob Tesmond

Freshman B - Jen Torza

Water Polo - Boys

Head Varsity - Alex Gidlow
JV - Cedric Williams

Water Polo  - Girls

Head Varsity -Wyatt Jansen
JV - Tom Musch


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