Saturday, May 18, 2019

8:00 am until 12:00 pm

Marian Central Auxillary Gym

5/18/2019 2:47 PM

School Directions

Directions to Marian Central Catholic High School





SCHOOL ADDRESS: 1001 McHenry Ave, Woodstock, IL 60098
ATHLETIC OFFICE: (815) 338-4220 ext 119, ATHLETIC DEPT. FAX: (815) 338-5883

All "Home Events" played at Marian Central Catholic High School unless noted below.



FIELD AND GYM Information:


Marian Central Catholic High School
1001 McHenry Ave.
Woodstock, IL 60098
Phone: 815-338-4220
Athletic Department Fax: 815-338-5883


FOOTBALL: George Harding Field (On Campus)

SOCCER AND LACROSSE:  Peter Baker Stadium - Field of Dreams (across the street from School at Raffel Road and Rt. 120)

TENNIS COURTS:  Arthur Fallon Varsity Courts (On Campus) & Field of Dreams JV Courts (across the street from School at Raffel Road and Rt.120)

BASKETBALL / VOLLEYBALL / WRESTLING / : Landers Pavilion and Auxillary Gym (On Campus) Enter Door #1

BASEBALL:  Thomas F. Bolger Field - Field of Dreams (across the street from School at Raffel Road and Rt. 120)

SOFTBALL:  Raymond Benoy Field - Field of Dreams (across the street from School at Raffel Road and Rt. 120)

GOLF:  Boys:  Crystal Woods Golf Club, 5915 IL-47, Woodstock, IL.

            Girls:  Boone Creek Golf Club, 6912 Mason Hill Rd., Bull Valley, IL

A.D. TELEPHONE: (815) 338-4220; Ext. 119
ATHLETIC DIRECTORS E-MAIL: cprice@marian.com

ASSISTANT A.D. TELEPHONE: (815) 388-4220; Ext. 110


A.D. SECRETARY TELEPHONE:  (815) 338-4220; Ext. 111

Conference:  East Suburban Catholic Conference:  www.eastsuburbancc.com

ESCC Schools:

Benet Academy Yahoo map
2200 Maple Avenue  
Lisle, IL 60532  
(630) 969-6550  
President: Abbot Hugh Anderson O S B
President Phone: (630) 719-2799
President FAX: (630) 719-0929
President e-mail: handerson@benet.org
Principal: Mr Stephen Marth
Principal Phone: (630) 719-2780
Principal FAX: (630) 719-2849
Principal e-mail: smarth@benet.org
Athletic Director: Mr Gary Goforth
Athletic Director Phone: (630) 719-2825
Athletic Director e-mail: ggoforth@benet.org
Assistant Athletic Director: Mr Scott Lawler
Assistant Athletic Director Phone: (630) 719-2824
Assistant Athletic Director e-mail: slawler@benet.org
Athletic FAX: (630) 719-2826
Athletic Secretary:  
Athletic Secretary Phone:  
Athletic Secretary e-mail:  
School Website: www.benet.org
Carmel Catholic High School Yahoo map
One Carmel Parkway  
Mundelein, IL 60060-2499  
(847) 566-3000  
President: Dr Judith Mucheck
President Phone: (847) 388-3351
President FAX: (847) 566-8465
President e-mail: jmucheck@carmelhs.org
Principal: Mr Mark Ostap
Principal Phone: (847) 388-3334
Principal FAX: (847) 566-8465
Principal e-mail: mostap@carmelhs.org
Athletic Director: Mr Andy Bitto
Athletic Director Phone: (847) 388-3328
Athletic Director e-mail: abitto@carmelhs.org
Assistant Athletic Director: Mr Kevin Nylen
Assistant Athletic Director Phone: (847) 388-3329
Assistant Athletic Director e-mail: knylen@carmelhs.org
Athletic FAX: (847) 566-3234
Athletic Secretary: Judy Mikrut
Athletic Secretary Phone: (847) 388-6324
Athletic Secretary e-mail: jmikrut@carmelhs.org
School Website: www.carmelhs.org
Joliet Catholic Academy Yahoo map
1200 North Larkin Avenue  
Joliet, IL 60435  
(815) 741-0500  
President-Principal: Mr Jeff Budz
President-Principal Phone: (815) 741-0500
President-Principal FAX: (815) 741-8825
President-Principal e-mail: jbudz@jca-online.org
Athletic Director: Mr Dan Sharp
Athletic Director Phone: (815) 741-0500 (x224)
Athletic Director e-mail: dsharp@jca-online.org
Assistant Athletic Director: Mr Dave Douglas
Assistant Athletic Director Phone: (815) 741-0500 (x233)
Assistant Athletic Director e-mail: ddouglas@jca-online.org
Assistant Athletic Director: Mrs Tina Kinsella
Assistant Athletic Director Phone: (815) 741-0500 (x230)
Assistant Athletic Director e-mail: tkinsella@jca-online.org
Athletic FAX: (815) 741-3830
Athletic Secretary: Debbie Dispenza
Athletic Secretary Phone: (815) 741-0586
Athletic Secretary e-mail: ddispenza@jca-online.org
School Website: www.jca-online.org
Marian Catholic High School       Yahoo map
700 Ashland Avenue  
Chicago Heights, IL 60411  
(708) 755-7565  
President: Sr Judine Hilbing O P
President Phone: (708) 755-7565 (x1403)
President FAX: (708) 756-9759
President e-mail: sjh@marianchs.com
Principal: Sr Kathleen Anne Tait O P
Principal Phone: (708) 755-7565 (x1772)
Principal FAX: (708) 755-9758
Principal e-mail: ska@marianchs.com
Athletic Director: Mr Dave Mattio
Athletic Director Phone: (708) 755-8286
Athletic Director e-mail: dmattio@marianchs.com
Assistant Athletic Director: Mr Kevin Kelly
Assistant Athletic Director Phone: (708) 756-9421
Assistant Athletic Director e-mail: kkelly@marianchs.com
Assistant Athletic Director: Mr Mike Taylor
Assistant Athletic Director Phone: (708) 755-7565 (x1432)
Assistant Athletic Director e-mail: mtaylor@marianchs.com
Athletic FAX: (708) 755-6541
Athletic Secretary:  
Athletic Secretary Phone:  
Athletic Secretary e-mail:  
School Website: www.marianchs.com
Marist High School Yahoo map
4200 W 115th St  
Chicago, IL 60655-4397  
(773) 881-5300  
President: Br Patrick McNamara FMS
President Phone: (773) 881-5300 (x5373)
President FAX: (773) 881-0595
President e-mail: president@marist.net
Principal: Mr Larry Tucker
Principal Phone: (773) 881-5300 (x5349)
Principal FAX: (773) 881-0595
Principal e-mail: larry@marist.net
Athletic Director: Mr Robert Lim
Athletic Director Phone: (773) 881-5300 (x5367)
Athletic Director e-mail: lim.robert@marist.net
Assistant Athletic Director: John O'Connell
Assistant Athletic Director Phone: (773) 881-5345
Assistant Athletic Director e-mail: oconnell.john@marist.net
Athletic FAX: (773) 881-1621
Athletic Secretary: Susan Blisk
Athletic Secretary Phone: (773) 881-5310
Athletic Secretary e-mail: blisk.susan@marist.net
School Website: www.marist.net
Nazareth Academy Yahoo map
1209 W Ogden Avenue  
LaGrange Park, IL 60526  
(708) 387-8500  
President: Dennis Moran
President Phone: (708) 387-8517
President FAX: (708) 354-0109
President e-mail: dmoran@nazarethacademy.com
Principal: Mrs Deborah Tracy
Principal Phone: (708) 387-8511
Principal FAX: (708) 354-0109
Principal e-mail: dtracy@nazarethacademy.com
Athletic Director: Mr Duane Buturusis
Athletic Director Phone: (708) 387-8550
Athletic Director e-mail: dbuturusis@nazarethacademy.com
Assistant Athletic Director: Ms Kim Connell
Assistant Athletic Director Phone: (708) 387-8556
Assistant Athletic Director e-mail: kconnell@nazarethacademy.com
Athletic FAX: (708) 579-3884
Athletic Secretary: Betty Allison
Athletic Secretary Phone: (708) 387-8558
Athletic Secretary e-mail: ballison@nazarethacademy.com
School Website: www.nazarethacademy.com
Athletic Website: www.athletics2000.com/nazareth
Notre Dame College Prep Yahoo map
7655 Dempster Street  
Niles, IL 60714-2098  
(847) 965-2900  
President: Rev John P Smyth
President Phone: (847) 779-8610
President FAX: (847) 965-2975
President e-mail: jsmyth@nddons.org
Principal: Mr Dan Tully
Principal Phone: (847) 779-8624
Principal FAX: (847) 965-2975
Principal e-mail: dtully@nddons.org
Athletic Director: Mr Michael Hennessey
Athletic Director Phone: (847) 779-8652
Athletic Director e-mail: mhennessey@nddons.org
Assistant Athletic Director:  
Assistant Athletic Director Phone:  
Assistant Athletic Director e-mail:  
Athletic FAX: (847) 965-2993
Athletic Secretary: Judy Byrne
Athletic Secretary Phone: (847) 779-8650
Athletic Secretary e-mail: jbyrne@nddons.org
School Website: www.nddons.org
St Patrick High School Yahoo map
5900 West Belmont  
Chicago, IL 60634-5199  
(773) 282-8844  
President: Dr Joseph Schmidt
President Phone: (773) 282-8844 (x222)
President FAX: (773) 282-2361
President e-mail: jschmidt@stpatrick.org
Principal: Mr Jon Baffico
Principal Phone: (773) 282-8844 (x239)
Principal FAX: (773) 282-8573
Principal e-mail: jbaffico@stpatrick.org
Athletic Director: Mr Brian Glorioso
Athletic Director Phone: (773) 282-8844 (x235)
Athletic Director e-mail: bglorioso@stpatrick.org
Assistant Athletic Director:  
Assistant Athletic Director Phone:  
Assistant Athletic Director e-mail:  
Athletic FAX: (773) 282-8573
Athletic Secretary: Cathleen Cermak
Athletic Secretary Phone: (773) 282-8844 (x289)
Athletic Secretary e-mail: ccermak@stpatrick.org
School Website: www.stpatrick.org
St Viator High School Yahoo map
1213 East Oakton Street  
Arlington Heights, IL 60004-5099  
(847) 392-4050  
President: Rev Corey Brost C S V
President Phone: (224) 625-1230
President FAX: (847) 392-8305
President e-mail: cbrost@saintviator.com
Principal: Eileen Manno
Principal Phone: (224) 625-1229
Principal FAX: (847) 392-8305
Principal e-mail: emanno@saintviator.com
Athletic Director: Mr Tim Carlson
Athletic Director Phone: (224) 625-1214
Athletic Director e-mail: tcarlson@saintviator.com
Assistant Athletic Director: Mr Michael Manno
Assistant Athletic Director Phone: (224) 625-1237
Assistant Athletic Director e-mail: mmanno@saintviator.com
Athletic FAX: (847) 392-0035
Athletic Secretary: Susie McNamara
Athletic Secretary Phone: (224) 625-1251
Athletic Secretary e-mail: smcnamara@saintviator.com
School Website: www.saintviator.com