COVID 19 Sports Updates

Dear Niles North Families, 

We want to thank all of our coaches and student athletes for participating in this week’s sports conditioning workouts held at Niles West. Given the logistical challenges and warmer than normal weather conditions, our teams were able to accomplish a lot in a very short period of time. We also appreciate everyone following our safety guidelines throughout the camp. 

That being said, the IHSA in conjunction with the IDPH has communicated several new guidelines that will impact our progression to Phase 4 Summer Camps. As a result of these changes, we are going to pause in-person conditioning camps for next week. Your student athlete’s coaches will reach out to them to conduct live zoom workouts or remote workouts. Our hope is to begin Summer Camps on Monday, July 20th. 

In the meantime, we will be speaking with coaches, student athletes, and parents to gauge their feedback on our Stage 1 workouts, to determine interest in Summer Camps given the new guidelines, and to voice any health and safety concerns regarding the next steps. We will then make a determination whether the conditioning and summer sports camps will continue, based on the health and safety interests of our student athletes and coaches. To help with our planning, please fill out this SURVEY by Monday, July 13th. Additionally, next week we will send out a webinar link to provide you with more information for our Phase 4 Summer Camps.


Brett Bildstein, Niles North Athletic Director -

Danae Russell, Niles North Assistant Athletic Director -



8/1/2020 11:01 PM

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  • Jethros Barbeque, Des Moines Iowa

    Jethros Barbeque, Des Moines Iowa

  • R_Lee Photo.jpg

    R_Lee Photo.jpg

  • Varsity Lined Up 2018

    Varsity Lined Up 2018

  • 2nd PLACE -

    2nd PLACE -

  • Taylor, Hana, and Caleb

    Taylor, Hana, and Caleb

  • OUR SUPER HERO's 2018 
Taylor Vander Jeugdt, Caleb L, Hana D, and Natalia

    OUR SUPER HERO's 2018 Taylor Vander Jeugdt, Caleb L, Hana D, and Natalia

  • JV Team

    JV Team

  • Taylor and Caleb

    Taylor and Caleb