COVID 19 Sports Updates

D219 Families,

We are excited to announce that we will begin the Illinois High School Association’s Return to Play beginning Monday, July 6th.  Below is information pertaining to the IHSA Stages, protocol for resuming workouts, and a few links to important documents.


The IHSA is currently operating in Stage 1 of its Return to Play protocols.  In Stage 1, strength and conditioning workouts may be conducted with the following guidelines:


Groups must be 10 people or less (includes coaches).


Groups of student athletes must be predetermined because athletes may not switch groups.


Within an individual group, student athletes must remain at least 6 feet apart at all times.


When multiple groups are present, groups must be separated by at least 30 feet.


Social distancing must be followed throughout the workouts, including check in and exiting procedures.  This involves wearing proper PPE (face masks) while checking in and exiting the workouts.


Separate entrances and exits will be utilized to maintain social distancing (see MAP).  Please note that all workouts will take place at Niles West due to construction at North.


Athletes will be monitored at the start of each workout by completing the Covid symptom questionnaire and receiving a temperature check.  If symptoms are present, athletes will not be allowed to participate and should seek medical consultation.  


Coaches and Athletic Trainers will maintain diligent attendance and symptoms records.


Coaches and Athletic Trainers will also implement diligent and effective cleaning and disinfecting of frequently touched objects and surfaces following the guidance of the CDC and IDPH.


Student athletes must bring their own water bottles to each session in order to participate.


Although the state of Illinois has currently moved into Phase 4, the IHSA’s Stage 2 guidelines have yet to be approved by the Illinois Department of Public Health.  Stage 2 allows high schools to conduct more traditional summer camps within CDC and local health guidelines.  In the event that the IHSA’s Stage 2 guidelines get approved by the IDPH, we will communicate the registration process.  To prepare though, here is a rough draft of our Stage 2 Summer Camp Schedule.  Please note that the dates are subject to change based on when IHSA and District 219 approve the Stage 2 guidelines.  


In the meantime, we will conduct Stage 1 workouts beginning July 6th.  Here is the Stage 1 Workout Schedule.  To register for Stage 1 workouts, please click HERE.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to the coaches or Athletic Directors.  If you are an incoming freshmen, you must be registered at Niles North in order to participate. 


8/1/2020 11:01 PM

BOYS Wrestling

2019-2020 Varsity Roster
Jersey Name Position Height Weight Class
Samuel Abraham 6'0" 165 2021
Bilal Anarwala Manager 5'6" 2020
Justin Arya 6'4" 230 2022
Owen Blades 5'8" 140 2020
Gustavo A. Cardenas 5'5" 151 2022
Gabriela Diaz 5'4" 120 2022
Samuel Dotson 5'7" 209 2021
Osman Elkheir 5'11" 220 2020
Matthew Espinoza 5'10" 136 2020
Louden Gershbein 6'2" 168 2021
Adem Gundogdu 5'8" 159 2021
Saud Haq 5'11" 160 2022
Yousif Hosini 5'7" 209 2021
Daniel Huziran 5'9" 189 2021
Isaac Irons 5'10" 190 2022
Betim Jahovic 5'8" 187 2022
Semih Kesler 5'7" 210 2021
Shafaath Khan Manager 5'8" 2022
Sangram Jeremiah Kodavatikanti 5'10" 204 2022
John Korel 5'5" 132 2022
Joseph Koulouvaris 5'10" 128 2022
Jiajun Li 5'9" 128 2021
Alfredo Martinez 5'4" 130 2022
Antonio Pantoja 5'5" 115 2022
Hassan Rana 5'9" 120 2020
Alex Rosenberg 5'8" 147 2022
Sebastian Roszkowski 6'3" 271 2021
Ali Tariq Manager 6'4" 2022
Bilal Vasty 5'9" 161 2020
Danyal Vasty 5'5" 2021
Hakham Yahya 5'11" 275 2020
Zachary Yoshioka 5'7" 150 2022
William Yu 5'8" 173 2022
Zachary Zagorin 5'9" 161 2022
Coaching Staff