Winter Sports Resumption (Jan. 2021)



On Monday, January 18th, Governor Pritzker and the Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH) lifted the Tier 3 Mitigations in Region 10, which had paused our Winter Sports.  As a result, we will resume all low-risk Winter Sports beginning on Thursday, January 21st  (Girls Badminton, Girls & Boys Bowling, Girls Gymnastics, Boys Swim & Dive, Cheer, and Dance)



District 219 Athletic Departments will continue to follow IDPH and IHSA Guidelines as our Winter Sports resume.  It is imperative that all student-athletes communicate any Covid-19 symptoms to their coaches before attending any practices.  Student-athletes must also be registered on the 8 to 18 website and have a current physical (conducted in the last 13 months) in order to participate in Winter Sports.



As a reminder, here are the Athletic COVID Safety Protocols for our Winter Sports.



Within the next two weeks, the IHSA will provide start and end dates for all sports that have yet to participate, as well as important guidelines for “contact days” (similar to this Fall).  As we finalize our revised competition schedules for Winter Sports, we will begin to explore options for contact days for our student-athletes beginning in February.  We will communicate information to student-athletes and families as it becomes available.  


As a reminder, please make sure you are registered for your specific sport HERE.  You can also find a list of all Head Coaches and their contact information HERE.


If you have any questions, please contact the Head Coach of each sport or the Athletic Directors (emails listed below).


Brett Bildstein                        Danae Russell          

2/3/2021 3:05 PM



Home of the Vikings





Dr. Steven  Isoye


Dr. James Edwards 

Athletic Director

Brett Bildstein 847-626-2281

Assistant Athletic Director

Danae Russell 847-626-2334

Athletic Administrative Assistant

Peggy Howard 847-626-2301

Athletic Trainers

Dennis Macas  847-626-2292

Dawn Palmer  847-626-2299


 Coaching Staff





Head Varsity: Dan Casey      847-626-2336

Varsity Assistant: Ron Zagorski

Varsity Assistant: Steve Downs

Varsity Assistant: Chris Toy 

Head Frosh/Soph: Justin Wells 

Assistant Frosh/Soph: Aaron Diggs 


Head Varsity: Karin Wick 

JV: Bashar Jazrawi 

Freshmen: Carol Herlocher 

Basketball - Boys'


Head Coach: Glenn Olson  847-626-2332

Assistant Varsity: Malachi Nix 

Assistant Varsity: John Bias 

Head Sophomore: Larry English

Freshman A: Brent Abas

Freshman B: Diego Marin


Basketball - Girls'


Head Varsity: Dan Paxson 847-626-2094

Assistant Varsity: Sonia Garcia 

Head Sophomore: Rory Seider

Assistant Sophomore: Olivia Schaps

 Freshman A: Karin Wick 

Freshman B: Jamie Kriticos


Bass Fishing


Co-Head Coach: Carol Herlocker  847-626-2284

Co-Head Coach: Pat Steeno   847-626-2293


Bowling - Girls'
Head Varsity: Rich Lee 847-542-4583

Assistant Coach - Bozana Vlaskovic 

Bowling - Boys'


Head Varsity: Louie Lainez 

Assistant Coach - Matt Holbrook 




Head Varsity: Natalie Hoss

Assistant: Max Davito 

Assistant: Jenny Rojo 

JV Coach: Brienne Kelly


Cross Country - Boys'


Head Varsity: Jonathan Roberts 

Assistant:  Jessica Garcia


Cross Country - Girls'


 Head Varsity: Andy Swedberg 847-626-2234

Assistant:  Dave Shafron 

Assistant: Lee Milano 



Head Varsity: Pat Pistorio  847-626-2297

Varsity Assistant: Shawn Kain 

Varsity Assistant:  Aaron Diggs

Varsity Assistant: Paul Swanson 

Varsity Assistant: Andre Ashley

Varsity Assistant:  Nick Torresso

Varsity Assistant: Glenn Olson

Head Frosh/Soph: Laurel Wilson 

Assistant Frosh/Soph:  Mark Egofske

Assistant Frosh/Soph:  John Bias 

Assistant Frosh/Soph: Jeff Nieman




Head Varsity:  Tom Zera 847-626-2898

JV:  Fritz Wulfram 


Gymnastics - Girls'


Head Varsity: Jacqueline Sanchez

Assistant: Lindsey Smiegowski

Assistant: Tori Chung-Swanson 


Gymnastics - Boys'


Head Varsity: Andrew Foerch

Assistant:  Jacqueline Sanchez

Assistant: Alan Hirsch 




Head Varsity:  Shannon Washington

Assistant:  Corrie Lev-Ruth 


Soccer - Boys'


Head Varsity:  Filip Cejovic 847-626-2031

Assistant Varsity: Steven Villamil

Assistant Varsity: Ivan Milicevic

Head JV:  James Kriticos

Head Sophomore:  Mihajlo Vlaskovic 

Head Freshman:  Yoon Lee

Assistant Freshman: Will Wittleder

Soccer - Girls'


Head Varsity:  Mihajlo Vlaskovic

Assistant:  James Kriticos

Assistant:  Andrew Park

Freshman A: Jeff Priban

Freshman B: 



Head Varsity: Ed Toledo  847-626-2294

Assistant:  Sonia Garcia 

Assistant: Joel Kessler

Swimming and Diving-Boys'


Head Varsity: Seth Orlove   847-626-2286

Assistant:  Thomas Moran Jr.

Assistant:  Paul Torres

Diving: Joe Wilson


Swimming and Diving-Girls'


 Head Varsity: T.J. Moran - 847-626-2439

Assistant:  Paul Torres

Assistant:   Seth Orlove

Diving:  Joe Wilson

Tennis - Boys'


Head Varsity: Andrew Klamm   847-626-2764

Assistant: Rory Seider 


Tennis - Girls'


Head Varsity:  Andrew Klamm    847-626-2764

Assistant:  Karin Wick

Assistant: Amanda Hussein  


Track and Field - Boys'

Head Coach: Laurel Wilson

Assistant: Mark Egofske

Assistant: Paul Swanson

Assistant:  Maaz Ahmed

Assistant: Jon Roberts 

Assistant: Anthony Whyte 

Assistant: Mike Endo 

Track and Field - Girls'


Head Varsity - Jimmie Hawthorne - 847-626-3129

Assistant: John Yamamoto

Assistant: Nancy Harmon

Assistant:  Jonda Cherry

Assistant:  Jessica Garcia

Assistant: Maaz Ahmed 

Volleyball - Boys'


Head Varsity:  Andre Shaw    847-626-2191

Assistant: Gordon Booker

Assistant: Adam Ahn

Assistant: Allen Tom

Assistant: Terri Vander Jeugdt 

Assistant: Justin Pacete


Volleyball - Girls'


Head Varsity: Terri Vander Jeugdt   847-626-2279

Varsity Assistant:  Adam Ahn

JV:  Andre Shaw

JV Assistant:  Allen Tom

Freshman:  Gordon Booker

Assistant: Joan Moy




Head Varsity: Ryan Lindberg

Assistant: Brad Alper

Assistant:  Ben Shabad

Assistant: Pete Matalas

Assistant: Jeff Priban