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Incoming Freshmen Sports Info




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8/9/2021 12:52 AM

Niles West Football is looking for YOU!!

The Niles West Football program is looking for managers and media interns for their 2021 season.


Managers may be students interested in careers in athletic training or sports management and will assist with film and daily operations....they will receive gear and be a huge part of the football family.


Media interns could possibly be some photo or digital media students that want to produce highlight reels, pics, graphics, and document the journey of the 2021 Niles West football team. They too will receive gear and be a huge part of the football family.


If interested, please contact coach Torresso at

8/16/2021 7:20 PM

GIRLS Tennis

2020-2021 Varsity Roster
Jersey Name Position Height Class
Lizette Calalay 5'3" 2021
Mia Cejovic 5'9" 2023
Sheril Chacko 5'2" 2021
Emily Chin 5'4" 2022
Kristina DeLara 5'3" 2022
Jianne Gangan 5'4" 2021
Alyssa Louie 5'3" 2023
Aleksandra Manojlovic 5'8" 2021
Kristina Manojlovic 5'9" 2023
Nikoleta Manojlovic 5'10" 2024
Liya Mathew 5'4" 2021
Lorraine McDonald 5'10" 2023
Abigail Penados 5'3" 2022
Coaching Staff