Sports Camps

We are waiting on a final decision to hold Sports Camps for the High School Level.   We should have a decision soon.

When it is approved, there will be a "Summer Camp" under registration when we open it. We will update this announcement when it is available to purchase. 

If you paid earlier for a camp and did not request a refund (ones canceled in June) the funds will be sitting in your account to use for camps only. 

7/6/2020 2:05 PM

20-21 High School Sports / Clubs Registration


We will begin after the 4th of July weekend registering for High School Sports and Clubs for the 20-21 School year. 

(registration tab is at the top of this page)

When opening up a new account PLEASE use Parents emails so they will receive current up date information. 

All sports you must have an updated physical from your last one (they are good for 13 months). If your physical  has expired please email it to or drop it in the mail to Athletic office. 

If you are a renter /lessee please make sure you are Registered with the High School in order to tryout for Fall Sports. (August 12th is the first day for Fall Sports). Contact the Registrar office to complete those papers no later then the week before. 


Thank you

8/15/2020 4:21 PM

Wildcat Football June IHSA Phase I / Groups and Schedules

Please Click here for PHASE I Guidlines. regarding Conditioning.


Please Click here for Groups and Schedules. (IMPORTANT) if your athlete is not on here it is becuase they may not have registered and not been in communication with a coach. Once you are registered please email to let him know you have registered and need to be put on the schedule.  This must be done ahead of time. Please review the list prior to emailing  Coach Pereiro.  in the Subject put "FOOTBALL : need to be put on the schedule. "

Registration link is at the top of this page. 

IF you have any other questions please email


7/4/2020 7:30 PM

2020 - 21 Sports Tryouts Information

Click here for the Information

10/31/2020 4:35 PM


2018-2019 Participants
Name Class
Ali Antink 2020
Elise Arriaga 2021
Olivia Arriaga 2019
Taylor Babec 2020
Adeena Baig 2020
Sareena Baig 2022
Asad Bakhtiari 2021
Sahrish Bakhtiari 2022
Arielle Bartos 2020
Giovanni Beltran 2021
Jasmine Bonsu 2020
Carter Brown 2020
Tyla Brown 2021
Lillian Bruno 2020
Gillian Camacho 2020
Jordan Camacho 2020
Kaitlyn Carr 2020
Mya Chavez 2020
Alyssa Culbertson 2019
Victoria Dickinson 2019
Kaden Dolbee 2020
Hailey Donahue 2022
Jacob Donahue 2020
Johanna Ebert 2021
Martha Esparza 2019
Alison Eubanks 2022
Stacey Evans 2020
Amelya Fox 2021
Amanda Gaile 2019
Adrian Gamez 2019
Britney Garcia 2019
Madison Gardeakos 2020
Alize Gonzalez 2022
Izzy Hernandez 2022
Carolyn Hug 2019
Kayln Jackson 2022
Brielle Kerzich 2020
Amrita Khaira 2019
Valerie Knight 2020
Samantha Kulekowskis 2021
Delaney Latarewicz 2021
Ashanti LeFlore 2022
Brooklynn Lewis 2020
McKenna Liss 2022
Alexandria Loera 2019
Stephanie Lopez 2020
Justine Luna 2019
Kayli Lyles 2020
Ana Macha 2019
Gloria Lynne Magemeneas 2020
Lydia Magemeneas 2022
Jordan McCully 2021
Brian Meehan 2020
Macen Memishofski 2019
Aryahna Mendez 2019
Marissa Michaud 2021
Marissa Michel 2020
Payton Middleton 2020
Emma Miech 2021
Ivii Mikolajczyk 2020
Nicholas Minnito 2020
Tashana Nabors 2019
Maddie O'Brien 2021
Roberto Ochoa 2020
Kemdilim Okoye 2021
Janeen O'Reilly 2021
Navia Ornelas 2020
Nicole Ortiz 2022
Elizabeth Ospalik 2020
Josemanuel Padilla 2019
Jocelyn Paniagua 2021
Pooja Parikh 2020
Sarah Parker 2020
Alexandria Patch 2022
Yaritza Patino 2019
Ava Petersen 2022
Kaitlynn Pillion 2021
Jade Price 2021
Sara Rand 2021
Gwyneth Ranon 2022
Rachel Reeder 2019
Kaylie Roman 2021
Reilly Rossi 2022
Hannah Ruane 2020
Kyren Rudolph 2020
Mattheia Rudolph 2020
Reva Ann Rudolph 2021
Jocelyn Shaw 2020
Jenna Shlifka 2021
Cody Sitterly 2020
Riley Sitterly 2021
Madeline Smiles 2019
Gabrielle Stalec 2021
Jake Stalec 2022
Tamara Tapia 2020
Isabel Taylor 2020
Nina Torri 2020
Angelina Vascik 2019
Ruth Vazquez 2019
Minela Veljacic 2021
Andrea Villicana 2020
Heather Warfield 2019
Emerson Weissenhofer 2020
Danielle Williams 2020