8 to 18 Questions/Problems

Please do not call 8 to 18 with questions or problems. They are not familiar with our school setup and cannot help you. Please call our office 815-439-3265 with any questions.


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Plainfield Central Administration & Athletic Staff



Superintendent Dr. Lane Abrell
Principal Mr. Chris Chlebek
 Athletic Director Mark Krusz
Assistant Athletic Director Pat Hanley
Athletic Secretary Darlene Castillo
Athletic Trainer  Courtney Prieboy Brandi Riess, Matt Nohren

Fall Sports Coaching Staff



Cross Country - Boys Jeff Purdom
Cross Country - Girls John Prieboy
Football Rob Keane
Golf - Boys Darren Kobliska
Golf - Girls Josh Bloodgood
Soccer - Boys Kevin Fitzgerald 
Swimming - Girls George Sam 
Tennis- Girls  Ali Foster
Volleyball - Girls  Robert Richardson
Cheerleading Paige Visnevac
Competitive Dance Amber Stambaugh

Winter Sports Coaching Staff



Basketball - Boys Gregg Bayer
Basketball - Girls  Armond Frazier
Bowling - Boys Mike Moderhack
Bowling - Girls Connie McGrath
Swimming - BoysRaghav Saini Raghav Saini
Wrestling Terry Kubski

Spring Sport Coaching Staff



Badminton - Girls Joe Hames
Baseball John Rosner
Lacrosse - Boys Aaron Wurt Aaron Wurtzel
Lacrosse - Girls Kelly Dubbins
Soccer - Girls Ken Schoen
Softball Katelyn Welsh
Tennis - Boys John Bayer 
Track & Field - Boys Jeff Purdom
Track & Field - Girls  Tonya Landfair
Volleyball - Boys Robert Richardson