Summer Sports Camp - AVAILABLE NOW!

The summer sports camp information is available now.  Click here for the camp date flyer & registration form.  Thank you.

6/28/2019 7:30 PM




Plainfield East
Administration & Athletic Staff


Contact Info

Superintendent Dr. Lane Abrell
Principal Dr. Joseph O'Brien
Athletic Director Paul Raspolich
Assistant Athletic Director Tony Waznonis
Athletic Secretary Mary Jo Blankenship
Athletic Trainer

Chuck Smith, Head Trainer
James Schaefer, Asst ATI Trainer

Cheerleading Coach Jenn Ellinghausen, Varsity Coach
Meghan Liebforth, JV Coach
Dance Coach Julie Rotondi, Varsity Coach
Jaclyn Quinn, JV Coach

Fall Sports Coaching Staff



Cross Country - Boys

Rich Gatz, Varsity Coach
TBD, JV Coach

Cross Country - Girls

Julie Lotarski, Head Coach
Cassie May, Asst Coach


 Brad Kunz, Varsity Coach
Tom Hart, Sophomore Head Coach
Tim Ineich, Freshman Head Coach

Golf - Boys

Joe Young, Varsity Coach
Braden Kass, JV Coach

Golf - Girls

Erin McGinnis, Varsity Coach

Soccer - Boys

Cosimo Patano, Varisty Coach
Lisa Simon, Asst Varsity Coach
Emily Petrus, Sophomore Coach
Carl Grubb, Freshman Coach

Swimming & Diving - Girls

George Sam, Varsity Coach
Amber Briddick, Assistant Coach

Tennis - Girls

Matt Tadla, Varsity Coach
Dominic Del Rosario, JV Coach

Volleyball - Girls

Alex Rodriguez, Varsity Coach
TBD Varsity Asst Coach
Lexi O'Boyle, Sophomore Coach
Rachel Cialoni, Freshman Coach

Winter Sports Coaching Staff



Basketball - Boys Mike Fowler, Varsity Coach
Rick Struck, Asst Varsity Coach
Kanwer Sarkaria, Sophomore Coach
Scott McBride, Freshman Coach
Basketball - Girls Tony Waznonis, Varsity Coach
Mike Schmitt, Varsity Assistant
Rick Tymm, Sophomore Coach
Ryan Ferrin, Freshman Coach
Bowling - Boys  Nick Cress, Varsity Coach
 Dan Scaramelli, JV Coach
Bowling - Girls Bob Nelson, Varsity Coach
Dominic Del Rosario, JV Coach
Swimming & Diving - Boys George Sam, Varsity Coach
Keith Herrman, JV Coach
Wrestling Dave Early, Head Coach
Luke Collins, Assistant Coach
TBD, Assistant Coach
TBD, Assistant Coach

Spring Sports Coaching Staff



Badminton Dave Early, Varsity Coach
Tyler Sutton, JV Coach

Adam O'Reel, Varsity Coach 
Ken Holowczak, Varsity Asst Coach
Kevin Ryan, Sophomore Coach
Jeff Heimer, Freshman Coach

LaCrosse - Girls Troy Monroe
LaCrosse- Boys Brittny Bronner

Soccer - Girls

Cosimo Patano, Varsity Coach
Lisa Simon, Varsity Assistant
Emily Petrus, JV Coach
Carl Grubb, Freshman Coach


Chris Morris, Varsity Coach
TBD, Varsity Assistant Coach
TBD, JV Coach
Nick Cress, Freshman Coach

 Tennis - Boys

Matt Tadla, Varsity Coach
Dominic Del Rosario, JV Coach

Track & Field - Boys

Braden Kass, Varsity Coach
Mike Adamson, Assistant Coach 
Rich Gatz, Assistant Coach
Eric DiSilvestro, Assistant Coach

Track & Field - Girls

Jason Vollmer, Varsity Coach
Jaclyn Quinn, Assistant Coach
Cassie May, Assistant Coach
Dave Rafter, Assistant Coach

Volleyball - Boys

Alex Rodriguez, Varsity Coach
Kurt Dolson, Asst Varsity Coach
Rachel Cialoni,  JV Coach
Brad Snider, Freshman Coach




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