IHSA Update for January 13th

The IHSA meet on January 13th, but had no new definite statements.  They did say that once state leadership allows for low risk winter sports (boys and girls bowling, cheerleading, dance, boys swimming) to begin participation, those teams will be allowed to begin practices immediately (with school approval).  The IHSA will be meeting again on January 27th and will be establishing a new season timeline for winter sports.    You can read their whole statement on their website:

IHSA January 13th Statement


1/29/2021 2:57 PM




Plainfield North
Administration & Athletic Staff




Dr. Lane Abrell


Principal Ross Draper
Athletic Director Ron Lear
Assistant Athletic Director George Sam
Athletic Secretary Leslie Goodson
Athletic Trainer Bob Boryca
Cheerleading Coach

Kristin Drake - Head Cheer Coach

Amanda Retzer(Viece)- Asst. Cheer Coach

Annette Wynne - JV Cheer Coach

Ashlee Wright - Asst.. Cheer Coach

Pom Pon Coach

Calli Gliwa - Head Dance Coach 

Julissa Esquivel - JV Dance Coach

Fall Sports Coaching Staff



Cross Country - Boys

Andrew Derks - Head Coach

Sam Barranco - Asst. Coach


Cross Country - Girls

 Tammy Gummerson - Head Coach
  Ryan Paymaster - Asst. Coach


Anthony Imbordino - Head Coach
Brandon Niewinski- Asst. Varsity Coach

Sean Carlson-Asst. Varsity Coach  

Bob Mattingly - Asst. Varsity Coach

Lawrence Wayne - Asst. Varsity Coach

Paul Murphy - Asst. Varsity Coach

Paul Palandech - Sophomore Head Coach

Brad Price - Asst. Soph Coach

Sebastian Carcione - Asst. Soph Coach

John Darlington Freshman Head Coach

Mike Schneider  Freshman Coach

Dan Foreman - Asst. Freshman Coach

Rob Doyle - Asst. Freshman Coach

Golf - Boys

 Mike Kneip-Varsity Head Coach
  Jim Walter-JV Coach

Golf - Girls

Jon Seibert- Head Coach


Soccer - Boys

Lukasz Majewski Varsity Head Coach

Alfonso Lopez - Asst. Varsity Coach

Matt Carlson - JV Soccer Coach

Kyle Hillery - Asst. Coach                


Swimming - Girls

George Sam-Head Coach

Nicole Olsen Asst. Coach

Tennis - Girls

Raghav Saini - Head Girls Tennis Coach

Zoe Wegehaupt - JV Girls Tennis Coach

Volleyball - Girls

Matt Slechta- Varsity Head Coach

Kaisley Fisher - Asst. Coach

Anthony Dellamorte - JV Coach

Zoe Wegehaupt - Freshman Coach

Rebecca Welcome - Asst. Coach

Winter Sports Coaching Staff



Basketball - Boys

Robert Krahulik- Head Coach

Mike Kneip  - Asst. Coach

Jelani Johnson - Sophomore Coach

Daniel Redmore - Freshman Coach

Girls Basketball

Michaela Reedy- Head Coach

Mike Schneider - Asst. Var. Coach

Matthew Morales - JV Coach 
Dave  Klupchak - Freshman Coach

Bowling - Boys

Tammie Terry - Head Coach 

Nancy Kolb Puglisi - Asst Coach 

Bowling - Girls

Allyson Lakota - Head Coach

Swimming - Boys

Raghav Saini - Head Boys Swim Coach


Joby Bodi- Head Coach

Marc Fleenor - Asst. Coach

Andrew Owens - Asst. Coach

Ethan Stachniak - Asst. Coach

Spring Sport Coaching Staff




John Darlington - Head Coach     

Brandon Niewinski - Asst. Var Coach   

Ethan Johnson - Asst. Var. Coach

Paul Palandech - Sophomore Coach     

Mike Kneip - Sophomore Coach

Liam McKenna- Freshman Coach

Dan Foreman - Freshman Coach

Boys Lacrosse Head Coach Tom Hart 
Girls Lacrosse Head Coach Kelly Dubbins
Soccer - Girls

Kathleen Monterosso - Head Girls Soccer Coach

Matt Carlson - Asst. Coach

Evan Strehlau - JV Coach

Kami Harp - Freshman Coach


Deanna Blyth - Head Softball Coach

Taylor Blyth - Asst Coach

Taylor Barsz - Asst. Coach

 Tennis - Boys

Jim Walter-Head Coach

Raghav Saini - JV Coach

Track & Field Boys

 Anthony Holler-Head Coach
Sebastian Carcione - Vault/thrower Asst Coach
John Singleton - Asst Coach
Nico Capezio- Asst Coach
Andrew Derks -Distance Coach

Track & Field - Girls

Chris Simon -Head Coach
Kevin Markwell - Asst Coach
Jason Burgwald - Asst Coach

Ryan Paymaster - Asst Coach
David Cocallas - Vault coach


Volleyball - Boys

Stephen Hewett- Head Boys Volleyball Coach

Anthony Dellamorte- Asst. Coach

Zoe Wegehaupt - JV  Coach

Rebecca Welcome - Freshman Coach



Erin Smith - Head Varsity Coach  

Dana Rakoci - Asst. Coach       

Alivia Guagenti - Asst. Coach




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