Will County has been moved to tier 1, sports will be starting up again finally !! 

This week, the following sports will be allowed to start practicing (Jan 25th, 2021): Badminton, Boys and Girls Bowling, Cheer, Dance and Boys Swimming.  Coaches will be emailing out information about starting days and times.  

Be sure your athlete is registered for their sport (if you have not done so already) AND they have a current physical on file in the athletic office.  

Other sports will be starting conditioning soon, as well.  Information will be posted on that once we are cleared to begin.  

Information is given to the athletic office from the ISHA and our District - please remember that all things are fluid and can change daily.  Any and all changes we will do our best to communicate and update the news as quickly as possible.      


5/3/2021 2:00 PM


Plainfield South HS Administration & Athletic Staff




Dr. Lane Abrell


Bob Yanello

Athletic Director

Ken Bublitz

Assistant Athletic Director

Chet Lines 

Athletic Secretary

Margaret Kantor

Athletic Trainer

Brian Beck

Cheerleading Coach

Brooke Twohill - Varsity Head Coach

    - Varsity Assistant

  Emily Durham - JV Head Coach

Pom and Dance Coach

Natalie Fisher - Varsity Head Coach

Elise Bicek - Asst Coach

Fall Sports Coaching Staff



Cross Country - Boys

Jason Crowe - Varsity Head Coach

Ryan Thompsen - Asst Coach

Cross Country - Girls

   Janeen Carlburg- Varsity Head Coach
Matt Gatlin
 - Asst Coach


William Bicker - Varsity Head Coach
Rob Szduarski- Varsity Asst Coach
Adam Chavez - Varsity Asst Coach
Clint Reams - Varsity Asst Coach
Cory Carver - Varsity Asst Coach
Al Tinsley - Varisty Asst Coach
Joe Fisher - Varsity Asst Coach 
Sean Dermody - Varsity Asst Coach
 Ben Delange - Sophomore Head Coach
Kyle Vestal - Sophomore Asst Coach
Markus Norman - Sophomore Asst Coach
Scott Nelson - Freshman Head Coach
Bob Miller - Freshman Asst Coach
Anthony Woods - Freshman Asst Coach

Golf - Boys

Tim Boe - Varsity Head Coach

Golf - Girls

Caroline Butler - Varsity Head Coach

Soccer - Boys

 Bryant Williams - Varsity Head Coach
Tom Blake - Varsity Asst Coach
Kelsey Pruett  - Sophomore/JV Coach
John Peresic  - Freshman Coach

Swimming - Girls

George Sam - Varsity Head Coach

Tennis - Girls

Kyle Black - Varsity Head Coach
 - JV Coach

Volleyball - Girls

Kate Kendall  - Varsity Head Coach
 - Asst Varsity Coach
 -  Sophomore Coach
Katrena Keay - Freshman Coach

Winter Sports Coaching Staff



Basketball - Boys

Tim Boe- Varsity Head Coach
 Dante Corbin  - Sophomore Coach
 Erik Van Der Stuyf- Freshman Coach

Basketball - Girls

Lincoln DePaula  - Varsity Head Coach
Larry Lanciotti - Asst Varsity Coach
Renee Calabrese - JV Coach
 Erin Tillman - Freshman Coach

Bowling - Boys

  Brian Zettergren - Varsity Head Coach
 Randy Kemp - Asst Coach
Patti Schultz - Asst Coach

Bowling - Girls

Kyle Rohlfs - Varsity Head Coach

Swimming - Boys

 George Sam - Varsity Head Coach


Miguel Silva - Varsity Head Coach
 Jason Acevedo- Varsity Coach
Joe Allen - Varsity Coach
Ronnie Faraj - Varsity Assistant Coach
 Mason Delong - Varsity Assistant Coach
Jake Meeder - Varsity Assistant Coach

Spring Sports Coaching Staff



Badminton - Girls

Hannah Christie - Varsity Head Coach
Mike Shubert - Asst Coach


 Phil Bodine - Varsity Head Coach
Chet Lines - Varsity Asst Coach
Tony Folino - Varsity Asst Coach
Tony Sanchez - Varsity Asst Coach
Dan Fezzuoglio - Varsity Asst Coach
Shane Ritter - Varsity Asst Coach
Nick Herrera - Sophomore Coach
Anthony Dinrdo - Sophomore Coach
Ryan Billo - Freshman Coach

Soccer - Girls

 Alfonso Lopez- Varsity Head Coach
 Elise Bicek- Varsity Asst Coach
 Kelsey Pruitt - Varsity Asst Coach  
Thomas Blake - JV Coach
 Ashley Sichek
 - JV Coach


 - Varsity Head Coach
   - Varsity Asst Coach
Daniel Deacon - JV Coach
Gustavo Martinez- Freshman Coach

Tennis - Boys

 Kyle Black - Varsity Head Coach
 Lindsey Lipton - JV Coach

Track & Field - Boys

Jason Crowe - Varsity Head Coach
Marcus Norment - Asst Coach
Ben DeLange - Asst Coach 
Anthony Woods - Asst Coach
Lisa Sharp - Asst Coach

Track & Field - Girls

 Janeen Carlberg- Varsity Head Coach
Tim Wulf  - Asst Coach
Sydney Carlberg - Asst Coach
Itzenthaler - Asst Coach

Volleyball - Boys

Danielle Salvatore  -  Varsity Coach
Katrena Keay - Varsity Asst Coach
 - Sophomore/JV Coach
Ronnie Faraj - Freshman Coach
Lacrosse - Boys  Tom Hart - Head Coach 
Lacross - Girls  Kelly Dubbins - Head Coach