PSHS Dance Tryouts for Fall 2020 School Year

Dance Tryouts for Fall 2020 school year are as follows: 

Open Gyms:

Monday 4/13   2:30-5:15pm in the Dance Studio 

Monday 4/20   2:30-5:15pm in the Dance Studio 

Monday 4/27   2:30-5:15pm in the Dance Studio -- Tryout Meeting 5:30pm in the Cafeteria 


Clinic Tryouts

Monday 5/4   4:30-7pm in the Dance Studio 

Tuesday 5/5  4:30-7pm in the Dance Studio 


Group Tryouts:

Wednesday 5/6   3:30pm - ??  in the Dance Studio 



Friday 5/8   2:10-4:30pm   

*** Make sure you are Registered prior to May 4th on 8to18 and have a current physical in order to be on the tryout list.  Sports physicals need to be turned in to the Athletic Office

5/8/2020 5:01 PM


Plainfield South HS Administration & Athletic Staff




Dr. Lane Abrell


Bob Yanello

Athletic Director

Ken Bublitz

Assistant Athletic Director

Chet Lines 

Athletic Secretary

Margaret Kantor

Athletic Trainer

Brian Beck

Cheerleading Coach

Brooke Twohill - Varsity Head Coach

   Emily Durham - Varsity Assistant

  Katie Bridgeman - JV Head Coach

Pom and Dance Coach

Natalie Fisher - Varsity Head Coach

Elise Bicek - Asst Coach

Fall Sports Coaching Staff



Cross Country - Boys

Jason Crowe - Varsity Head Coach

Ryan Thompsen - Asst Coach

Cross Country - Girls

   Janeen Carlburg- Varsity Head Coach
Matt Gatlin
 - Asst Coach


William Bicker - Varsity Head Coach
Adam Chavez- Varsity Asst Coach
Rob Szduarski - Varsity Asst Coach
Clint Reams - Varsity Asst Coach
Cory Carver - Varsity Asst Coach
Anthony Woods - Varisty Asst Coach
Sean Dermody - Varsity Asst Coach
 Ben Delange - Sophomore Head Coach
Kyle Vestal - Sophomore Asst Coach
Al Tinsley - Sophomore Asst Coach
Scott Nelson - Freshman Head Coach
Bob Miller - Freshman Asst Coach
Nick Ganas - Freshman Asst Coach

Golf - Boys

Tim Boe - Varsity Head Coach

Golf - Girls

Caroline Butler - Varsity Head Coach

Soccer - Boys

 Bryant Williams - Varsity Head Coach
Tom Blake - Varsity Asst Coach
Kelsey Pruett  - Sophomore/JV Coach
John Peresic  - Freshman Coach

Swimming - Girls

George Sam - Varsity Head Coach

Tennis - Girls

Kyle Black - Varsity Head Coach
 - JV Coach

Volleyball - Girls

Danielle Bielawski - Varsity Head Coach
 - Asst Varsity Coach
Katie Kendall -  Sophomore Coach
Katrena Keay - Freshman Coach

Winter Sports Coaching Staff



Basketball - Boys

Tim Boe- Varsity Head Coach
 Dante Corbin  - Sophomore Coach
 Erik Van Der Stuyf- Freshman Coach

Basketball - Girls

Lincoln DePaula  - Varsity Head Coach
Larry Lanciotti - Asst Varsity Coach
Renee Calabrese - JV Coach
 Erin Tillman - Freshman Coach

Bowling - Boys

  Brian Zettergren - Varsity Head Coach
 Randy Kemp - Asst Coach
Patti Schultz - Asst Coach

Bowling - Girls

Kyle Rohlfs - Varsity Head Coach

Swimming - Boys

 George Sam - Varsity Head Coach


Jason Acevedo - Varsity Head Coach
Miguel Silva - Varsity Coach
Joe Allen - Varsity Coach
Ronnie Faraj - Varsity Assistant Coach
 Mason Delong - Varsity Assistant Coach
Jake Meeder - Varsity Assistant Coach

Spring Sports Coaching Staff



Badminton - Girls

Hannah Christie - Varsity Head Coach
Mike Shubert - Asst Coach


 Phil Bodine - Varsity Head Coach
Chet Lines - Varsity Asst Coach
Tony Folino - Varsity Asst Coach
Tony Sanchez - Varsity Asst Coach
Dan Fezzuoglio - Varsity Asst Coach
Shane Ritter - Varsity Asst Coach
Nick Herrera - Sophomore Coach
Anthony Dinrdo - Sophomore Coach
Ryan Billo - Freshman Coach

Soccer - Girls

 Alfonso Lopez- Varsity Head Coach
 Elise Bicek- Varsity Asst Coach
 Kelsey Pruitt - Varsity Asst Coach  
Thomas Blake - JV Coach
 Ashley Sichek
 - JV Coach


  Kelly Ash - Varsity Head Coach
   William Bicker- Varsity Asst Coach
Daniel Deacon - JV Coach
Gustavo Martinez- Freshman Coach

Tennis - Boys

 Kyle Black - Varsity Head Coach
 Lindsey Lipton - JV Coach

Track & Field - Boys

Jason Crowe - Varsity Head Coach
Marcus Norment - Asst Coach
Ben DeLange - Asst Coach 
Anthony Woods - Asst Coach
Lisa Sharp - Asst Coach

Track & Field - Girls

 Janeen Carlberg- Varsity Head Coach
Tim Wulf  - Asst Coach
Sydney Carlberg - Asst Coach
Itzenthaler - Asst Coach

Volleyball - Boys

Taryn Surbaugh -  Varsity Coach
Danielle Salvatore - Varsity Asst Coach
Katrena Keay - Sophomore/JV Coach
Ronnie Faraj - Freshman Coach
Lacrosse - Boys  Tom Hart - Head Coach 
Lacross - Girls  Kelly Dubbins - Head Coach