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2020-21 Cheerleading Tryout Information

Spartan Cheerleading


2020-2021 Season


  • Completed applications must be turned in on 1st day of Tryouts at the clinic on April 25th, 2020
  • Application must include all required signatures (Student and Parent Signature-Found on Last Page of Packet)
  • New Team Meeting/Informational Tuesday April 28th from 4:45pm-7:45pm
  • THIS Application is part of your try-out score
  • Try-outs are Saturday April 25th from 10am-2pm and Monday April 27th: 5:30PM-until finished in Slantdome
  • You must bring your $400.00 camp payment (check made out to SFHS) to the Team Meeting/Informational on Tuesday April 28th
  • ** If you CANNOT attend either tryout date for some VALID reason please email Coach Esquivel ASAP ( to discuss options.
  • Anticipate First Practice to be: Monday June 2nd from 5:30PM-8:30PM at SFHS in the Slantdome



Satruday April 25th, 2020 Clinic Day-10:00AM-2:00PM. Location: SFHS Slantdome

Registration will begin promptly at 9:30AM. Please make sure that your cheerleader has an UPDATED SPORTS PHYSICAL and has also completed this CHEERLEADING TRYOUT PACKET. Both will be turned in at this time. Candidates will be evaluated on tumbling. Candidates will be working stunts, jumps, a cheer, and a dance in preparation for the tryout on Monday the 27th. Please note that prior experience is NOT necessary. Candidates will be placed on teams according to skill level and ability.


Apparel: Candidates must wear solid blue shorts/spandex and ANY SFHS Cheer shirt or SFHS Spirit Shirt, cheer shoes, white (no-show) ankle socks and girls must have hair in a high pony with a bow. Hair and Make Up Should be Competition Ready and no Jewelry of any kind!


Monday April 27th, 2019 Tryout Day - 5:30PM – UNTIL FINISHED. Location: SFHS Slantdome

Doors will open at 5:00PM for optional review time. Athletes may come in and stretch on their own. Tryouts will begin promptly at 5:30PM. At this time, no more review will be allowed. Athletes will be placed in their tryout groups and will be called in groups of 3-4 to do their tryout.


Apparel: Candidates should wear a PLAIN WHITE t-shirt (devoid of any markings) with either black or blue shorts/spandex with (no show) ankle socks and cheer shoes for this day. Hair should be in a high pony with a bow. Make Up and Hair for girls should be “competition ready.” No Jewelry of ANY KIND!


Please contact Coach Brittany Esquivel @  for more information/questions.

**Announcement of team placement will be done via email no later than Tuesday April 28th by 12:00AM. Team rosters will be posted on the school website no later than Tuesday April 28th by 5:00PM**


St. Francis High School Cheerleading



Tryout scores are based on the following:

  • MOTION TECHNIQUE (sharpness, execution, placement)
  • SPIRIT (facial expressions, eye contact, enthusiasm, smile)
  • VOICE (loud, sharp, deep, articulate)
  • OVERALL CHEER SCORE (includes motions, spirit, voice & execution)
  • APPEARANCE (hair, clothing, no jewelry, NO EXPOSED MIDRIFFS, competition makeup.)
  • JUMPS (toe-touch, pike, hurdler; any jump with tumbling if possible.)
  • STUNTING (technique, execution, level of difficulty.)
  • TUMBLING (running & standing; technique and execution important)
  • ACADEMICS (must be in good academic standing with school)
  • TRYOUT APPLICATION FORM (must be completed and turned in by the first day of tryout.)
  • ATTITUDE (This is VERY important. Follow rules of this tryout packet; turn off cell phones--no texting or calling during the tryouts; exhibit the qualities of a supportive teammate to candidates, coaches, and judges; engage in positive and productive conversations, be respectful to all.)


** Please do not be intimidated if you are unfamiliar with any of the cheer terminology used in this info packet. We will explain the basics to everyone. Please feel free to ask questions and ask for help. THAT IS WHAT WE ARE HERE FOR ?**


CHECK LIST: What to bring to clinic days and to tryouts!


  • As you arrive, please feel free to begin stretching on your own.
  • Completed application form
  • Assigned clothing (see guidelines above-NO FLIP FLOPS/SANDALS/JEANS)
  • Hair must be tied up and away from your face (Hair high pony; this includes bangs pulled back)—no headbands of any kind.
  • Competition Make Up.
  • No gum or jewelry on any of the days.
  • Large bottled water.
  • Any questions: AFTER you have fully read the handout.
  • A big smile and a positive attitude…and of course SPARTAN SPIRIT ?



Cheerleader Information Form




Grade Level (Circle):    Fresh    Soph    Jr    Sr   


Date of Birth:________________________


Parent/Guardian Name____________________________________






Main Phone #______________________


Parent Cell #_____________________________


Athlete cell #____________________________


Parent Email:__________________________________________________


Athlete Email:_________________________________________________


T-Shirt Size:              YL         AS         AM         AL           AXL


  1. Cheerleading Experience:

High School:

Number of Years:


                              Middle School:

                              Number of Years:


                              Recreational League:

                              Number of Years:


                              All-Star Gym:

                              Number of Years:


  1. Dance Experience:


Number of Years


  1. Gymnastics Experience:


 Number of Years


  1. For Returning Spartan Cheerleaders Only: Please list tumbling, stunt, dance, exercise classes or sports that you have participated in the SPRING season




5.            Juniors and Seniors are eligible for the JV team. Do you Understand that All Athletes Will Be placed on teams according to skill level/ability??


Yes___________ No ____________


  1. Please list all sports, hobbies or interests:


  1. Aside from cheerleading, what other commitments might you have such as a job, music lessons, Drivers Ed, etc. during the cheer season(s)?



  1. Do you understand that you will be required to attend all practices, summer camps, and any choreography dates pertinent to the team you make? Yes_______ No________


9.            St. Francis Cheer will have two competitive teams.  Do you understand alternates will not be announced until after October 26th?  Yes____ No____


10.          Do you understand that an alternate is not necessarily guaranteed a chance to compete and is required to learn all competition material, but that alternates will cheer all Basketball games regardless of alternate status? Yes____No_____


11.          Do you understand that team delegated practices on Wednesdays from 5:30pm-8:30pm will be held at Excel Gymnastics, in Geneva, IL and is also considered part of our regular practice days/times?



12.          Do you understand that you will be required to commit to the team, as in any other sport, and show up on time to practices, games and competitions and that a two week written notice is required for absences?

Yes____ No____


13.          Do you understand that we typically compete/cheer the weekend before finals week and you will be required to participate in these competitions and/or games?



14.          Do you understand that if you quit mid-season, you will sacrifice your letter qualification as well as your invitation to the end of the year cheer banquet?



15.          What is your favorite thing about cheerleading? Why?












Stunt Experience:

Please be honest with your answers.


Position: If you do not have any stunting experience please just put N/A in box

Please mark an X next to every stunt position you are able to execute

For all boxes marked with an X, to the left, rate your strongest skilled position (1) to the weakest (5)



Back Spot


Main Base


Secondary Base





Please answer honestly. In order to check yes for any and all skills, you must be able to perform these skills on a

cheer mat not a spring floor.



Yes (x) I am able to execute w/o a spot.

Almost (x) I am able to perform with a light spot.

No (x) I am unable to perform this skill.





Round Off



Standing Back Handspring



Standing Tuck



Round off Back Handspring (1 or more)



Round off/Back Handspring/ Back Tuck



Round off/Back Handspring/ Lay-out



Round off/Back Handspring/ Full



Do you currently take tumbling classes? Yes________No_______


               Instructor’s Name___________________________________

               How Often_______________________________________(once a week, twice a
               month, etc.)


When did you start the above class? Month____________________Year____________________



Permission to Tryout and Signed Acknowledgement


I, _________________________, attest that the information found in this packet is true and correct to the best of my ability. I have read and understand the rules and policies in the cheerleading handbook and I will commit to the requirements necessary to be a St. Francis High School Cheerleader, including maintaining acceptable attendance and grades required by the IHSA in order to stay eligible to participate. I understand that being part of an interscholastic sport requires time management, dedication, and hard work and I will demonstrate respect to my community and will represent St. Francis High School positively in and out of uniform.


Athlete Signature: ________________________________________ Date:_____________________


I, _________________________, give my son/daughter permission to try out for the St. Francis High School 2020-2021 cheerleading team. I understand that they will be required to participate in all summer camps, practices, games, and competitions during the Winter season. I also understand that they will maintain acceptable attendance and grades required by the IHSA for eligibility and that they will be participating in a recognized interscholastic sport.


Parent/Guardian Signature:___________________________________Date: _____________________



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