Mission Statement

 Since 1890, when Saint Bede Academy opened its’ doors, a rich and proud tradition of interscholastic competition was born.  Those traditions continue with 18 sports that are offered during the three Illinois High School Association seasons.  Many of our programs are three level; Freshman, Sophomore and Varsity, while others offer two levels of Junior-Varsity and Varsity. 

             We have a dedicated athletic staff that seeks to provide multiple opportunities for participation for our student-athletes, while maintaining high expectations for growth and development outside of the academic classroom.  We emphasize continued learning, sportsmanship, hard work, and dedication.  Our focus is to establish leaders for our school community within the framework of representing Saint Bede Academy as a student-athlete.

             We will always maintain that we have “student-athletes” at Saint Bede and that will never be compromised.  Our curriculum and the preparation of our students for college are well-documented.  Our athletic programs will enhance the learning environment for our student-athletes and add to the high school experience for all involved.  We will show proper care for our athletes with education, training, equipment, and facilities that emphasize their safety and well-being.  This approach will be for all student-athletes throughout our programs and will not be a top-down approach, be it by class or ability. 

             At Saint Bede Academy we are alert to diligently meeting the academic needs of our families.  I can assure you of that same fair treatment for our student-athletes. We will be attentive to how our programs operate and to the preparation of our student-athletes with post-secondary aspirations.  We will be alert to providing our programs the opportunities to highlight our talents and allowing our student-athletes the proper recognition in their successes through sport. 

             We will be certain to live the words of our motto...”It’s GREAT to be a Bruin!”


 Tom McGunnigal (’88)

Athletic Director