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6/26/2021 4:55 PM

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6/25/2021 4:23 PM

Attention: All schedules posted here are not confirmed.

All schedules posted here are a working schedule.  
This includes date, time and locations.

Confirmed Schedules are distributed by the sport coach.
As always, locations and times may change at the last minute for many reasons.
DGN Athletic Department

11/14/2022 8:12 PM

  • State Qualifiers Brook Stocki & Gabrella Stellato
  • Co-op Gymnastics 2019-20
  • They did it - congratulations to Brooke and Gabriella!
  • Ready to compete!
  • Ready for the march-in
  • Gabby and Brooke
  • Gabriella Stellato and Brooke Stocki
  • Check it out - Brooke Stocki holds the school record on uneven bars - 9.75
  • State qualifier on Bars - Brooke Stocki - 3rd place
  • Proud!
  • Can't stop smiling about this win!!
  • All the work paid off - we took FIRST!
  • WE DID IT!!
  • We are the CHAMPIONS!!
  • Brooke Stocki - 2nd
Mia Bowers - 5th
  • Gabriella Stellato - 2nd
Lauren Lucina - 3rd
  • Brooke Stocki - CHAMPION
Mia Bowers - 5th
  • Kenna Cinotte - 2nd, Cherylin Parrilli - 4th
  • just playin'
  • No "I" in TEAM!
  • READY!!
  • Rachel Jeske - 4th on balance beam
Ashley Novak - 5th on balance beam
  • Melody Lagos - 5th place vault
  • Ashley Novak - 6th place all around
  • Happy gymnasts
  • On the podium
  • Season high score!
  • The SUPER SIx!!
  • Kenna Cinotte places 3rd on vault!!
  • Uneven Bars : Mia Bowers- 10th, Lily Nowka - 8th, Gabriella Stellato - 6th
  • Crosstown sisters!! DGN & DGS
  • Mia Bowers  - 8th place in the all around
  • Mia Bowers - 4th place Balance Beam
  • Janae Small 3rd, Kate Murray 10th in the All Around
  • Janae - 3rd on bars
  • Janae - 3rd, Kate Murray - 10th in the All Around
  • Looking good in our new leos!
  • Varsity is ready to rock this meet!!
  • Mia Bowers places 2nd on Beam!!
  • FIRST MEET of the season !!!!!!
  • best buds!
  • Cherylin Parrilli - 3rd on vault
  • Cherylin Parrilli - 9th in the all-around
  • Gretchen Lucina - 4th on beam
  • Gymnastics 2018-19


  • There are no current announcements.

  • GIRLS (V)

    Saturday, Jan. 29
    West Suburban Championship
    11:00 AM

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  • GIRLS (V)

    Monday, Jan. 31

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  • GIRLS (V)

    Monday, Jan. 31

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