Modified 2020-21 Sports Season and Coaches' Contact

Here is the link to the modified sports season and coaches' contact information.

6/26/2021 4:55 PM

North High Athletic Department - Athletic Director FAQ/COVID

Here is a link to frequently asked questions about North High Athletics and COVID

6/1/2021 8:34 PM

Summer Season Spectator Rules and Facilities

Here is the Link for Summer Spectator Information

6/19/2021 4:42 PM

Home Spring Sports Streaming Channels

The event will go live/appear at the designated start time.
Link for DGN Volleyball 
Link for DGN Soccer 
 Link for Girls' Lacrosse
Link for Wrestling
Link for DGN Gymnastics 


6/25/2021 4:23 PM

Attention: All schedules posted here are not confirmed.

All schedules posted here are a working schedule.  
This includes date, time and locations.

Confirmed Schedules are distributed by the sport coach.
As always, locations and times may change at the last minute for many reasons.
DGN Athletic Department

11/14/2022 8:12 PM


2020-2021 Varsity Roster
Jersey Name Position Height Class
Emily Adamo 2022
Madeline Antonio 2022
Grace Beacom 2022
Annie Cash 2022
Gabrielle Chen 2023
Carolyn Dering 2021
Rasleen Dhaliwal 2022
Lauren Dry 2022
Faith Dunn 2021
Emily Ennis 2021
Abbie Folkening 2021
Charlotte Hansen 2022
Megan Heinz 2022
Mary Kosowski 2022
Kate Laffey 2022
Mia Norris 2022
Jessica Spahn 2021
Audrey Stanton 2022
Natalie Vroman 2022
Ally Whitacre 2022
Coaching Staff