Modified 2020-21 Sports Season and Coaches' Contact

Here is the link to the modified sports season and coaches' contact information.

6/26/2021 4:55 PM

North High Athletic Department - Athletic Director FAQ/COVID

Here is a link to frequently asked questions about North High Athletics and COVID

12/1/2020 8:34 PM

Attention: All schedules posted here are not confirmed.

All schedules posted here are a working schedule.  
This includes date, time and locations.

Confirmed Schedules are distributed by the sport coach.
As always, locations and times may change at the last minute for many reasons.
DGN Athletic Department

11/14/2022 8:12 PM


2019-2020 Varsity Roster
Jersey Name Position Height Weight Class
Christopher Allen 2021
Eric Bican 2020
Niall Brennan 2021
Elijah Chen 2021
Evan Cummins 2021
Thomas Diamond 2020
Jack Flavin 2020
Michael Flavin 2021
Jackson Flynn 2021
Peter Gartlan 2020
Vidhur Gunda 2021
Jonathan Jasso-Zamora 2020
Clark Kelly 2020
Myles Laffey 2020
Collin Lally 2021
Noah LaMantia 2021
Matthew Lupescu 2021
Tushar Mitra 2020
Maxwell Polaski 2021
Matt Rowley 2021
Matt Shimenetto 2020
Grant Sioukas 2021
William Stanicek 2021
Evangelos Stavrou 2020
Daniel Sumida 2020
Conor Sutton 2020
Drew Swenson 2021
Andrew Thompson 2020
Raynard Tipton 2021
Jackson Travers 2021
Isaac Wagreich 2020
Douglas Westberg 2021
Coaching Staff
Jill Blondell
Assist. Coach

Eric Buhot
Assist. Coach

John Sipple
Head Coach