New Athletic Recognition

The Downers North adminstration is pleased to announce the addition of our digital archive system and Touch Screens at Downers North. Click Here to historical archives of North's athletic history. Remember that this is a work in progress so please let us know if you see any inaccuracies , have photos or information to add. Contact the Athletic Department to update or correct our information at

Thank you for your help as we re-build our history digitally.  

12/31/2020 8:46 PM


2018-2019 JV1 Roster
Jersey Name Position Height Class
Kelly Brinkman 5'1" 2019
Ellie Finley 5'5" 2020
Rachel Jeske 5'7" 2019
Melody Lagos 0'0" 2022
Gretchen Lucina 5'5" 2022
Grace McTigue 5'6" 2021
Katharine Murray 5'1" 2021
Janae Small 5'1" 2020
Coaching Staff