2020 Fall Registration Information

Fall registration information for athletics is now available. 

All registration must be completed here.http://trojans.8to18.com/accounts/login 


8/31/2020 12:00 AM

Attention: All schedules posted here are not confirmed.

All schedules posted here are a working schedule.  
This includes date, time and locations.

Confirmed Schedules are distributed by the sport coach.
As always, locations and times may change at the last minute for many reasons.
DGN Athletic Department

11/14/2022 8:12 PM

New Athletic Recognition

The Downers North adminstration is pleased to announce the addition of our digital archive system and Touch Screens at Downers North. Click Here to historical archives of North's athletic history. Remember that this is a work in progress so please let us know if you see any inaccuracies , have photos or information to add. Contact the Athletic Department to update or correct our information at jfredette@csd99.org.

Thank you for your help as we re-build our history digitally.  

12/31/2020 8:46 PM



      Trojan Coaches





Downers Grove North H.S. Administration and Athletic Staff
Position Name
Superintendent Dr. Henry Thiele
Principal Ms. Janice Schwarze
Associate Principal Ryan Doherty
Associate Principal Erin Ludwick
Associate Principal Ken Sorensen
Assistant Principal for Student Activities Mark Mirandola 
Athletic Director Denise Kavanaugh
Assistant Fall Athletic Director Chris McGrath
Assistant Winter Athletic Director Tim McDonald
Assistant Spring Athletic Director Todd Cassens
Athletic Secretary Janice Sanders
Head Athletic Trainer Jill Ferree
Assistant Trainer Katie Dobersztyn
Head Cheerleading Coach Allyson Passarelli
Asst. Cheerleading Coaches Ashlyn LaBud & Nicole Roback
Head Athena (Pom Pon) Coach Dee Dee Johnson
Asst. Athena (Pom Pon) Coach Paulina Cresimone
Fall Sports Coaching Staff
Sport Coaches

Boys' Cross Country

Head Coach - John Sipple
Assistant Coach - Jill Blondell
Assistant Coach - Eric Buhot
Volunteer Coach - Will Kupisch
Volunteer Coach - Alexa Harris 
Boys' Golf
Head Coach - Anthony Calderone
Assistant Coach - Ted Glazier
Boys' Soccer
Head Coach -  Mike Schmitt
Assistant Varsity - Mike Corvo
Assistant - Stephan Bolt
Assistant - Zach Heilman
Freshman Coach - Scott Gollan
Head Varsity Coach - Joe Horeni
Assistant Varsity - Keith Lichtenberg
Assistant Varsity - Bill Kleckner
Assistant Varsity
- Chad Issacson
Assistant Varsity - Todd Cassens
Assistant Varsity - Terry Kent
Assistant Varsity - Josh Croci
Volunteer Varsity - Gary Vargyas
Sophomore Coach -
Chris Guerrierri
Assistant Sophomore - Mike Franzese
Assistant Sophomore - Kyle Briscoe
Volunteer Freshman - Garrett Cook
Volunteer Sophomore - Peter Lenos
Freshman Coach - Greg Purnell
Assistant Freshman - Max Gilbert 
Girls' Cross Country
Head Coach - Tim McDonald
Assistant Coach - Matt Maletich
Assistant Coach - Bob Calder
Volunteer Coach - Bruce Ritter 
Girls' Golf
Head Coach - Jackie McCormick
Assistant Coach - Emily Mollet
Girls' Swimming
Head Coach - Judy Busse
Assistant Coach -  Jennifer Heyer Olsen
Assistant Coach -Elisabeth Stanley 
Assistant Dive Coach - Ashley Remegi
Girls' Tennis
Head Coach - Dana Graczyk
Sophomore Coach - Cristina Krein
Volunteer Coach - Dennis Rogala
Girls' Volleyball
Head Varsity Coach - Mark Wasik
Assistant  Coach - Meghan Nauss
Sophomore Coach -Maegan Karasinski
Freshman Coach - Erin Kohlsaat
Winter Sports Coaching Staff
Boys' Basketball
Head Varsity Coach - Jim Thomas
Associate Head Varsity Coach - Jim Haack
Volunteer Coach - Lee Maciejewski
Head Sophomore Coach - Jon Rush
Sophomore Coach - Chris Nauss
Freshman Coach - Steve Larsen  
Boys' Swimming
Head Coach - Adam Bruesch
Assistant Coach - Lavon Robinson
Diving Coach -
Tony Ciezadlo
Head Varsity Coach - Chris McGrath
Assistant Varsity -  Larry Baca
JV Coach - Jim Nehls
JV Coach - Mike Marola
Freshman Coach - Maxx Lozano
Volunteer Coach - Zack Urbanski
Volunteer Coach - Danny Balderas
Volunteer Coach - Cody Rudnik
Volunteer Coach - Eric Hansen
Girls' Basketball
Head Varsity Coach -  Stephan Bolt
Assistant Varsity - Jasen Leathers
Sophomore Coach - Dusan Nedic
Freshman Coach - Megan Gilbert
Freshman Coach - Matt Dillard
Girls' Bowling
Head Coach - Scott Gollan
JV Coach - Susan Monson
Girls' Gymnastics
LInk to Downers Grove South 
Spring Sports Coaching Staff
Boys' Baseball
Head Varsity Coach - Kyle Briscoe
Assistant Varsity - Andrew Himes
Sophomore Coach - Josh Croci
Freshman Coach - Chris Nauss
Volunteer Assistant - Jim Issacson
Volunteer Assistant - Carlos Barba
Volunteer Assistant - Tyler Fletcher 
Head Coach - Tony Ciezadlo
Asst. Coach - Larry Baca
Asst. Coach -  Billy Hois
Boys' Tennis
Head Coach - Dana Graczyk
Asst. Coach - Cristina Krein
Asst. Coach - Lauren Mietelksi
Boys' Volleyball
Head Coach -Mark Wasik
Assistant Varsity - Erin Moore
JV Coach - Phil Szuck
Freshman Coach - Kyle Conrad
Boys' Track & Field
Head Coach - Eric Buhot
Assistant Coach - John Sipple
Assistant Coach - Bob Ogle
Assistant Coach -
David Dau
Assistant Coach - Pat Fleming
Assistant Coach - Ashley Remegi
Assistant Coach - Jill Blondell
Girls' Softball

Head Varsity Coach - Eric Landschoot
Assistant Coach -  Amy O'Dell 
JV Coaches -  Matthew Dillard 

Freshman Coach -  Jeanette Lawler 

Girls' Badminton
Head Coach - Anthony Calderone
Assistant Coach - Ted Glazier
Assistant Coach - Kim Hartsfield
Girls' Soccer
Head Varsity Coach - Brian Papa
Assistant Varsity Coach - Chris Tomek
Assistant JV Coach - Joel Kapitaniuk
Assistant Freshman Coach - Natalie Jenkins
Volunteer Coach - Daniel Forney
Girls' Track & Field
Head Coach - Matt Maletich
Assistant Coach - Thomas Saam
Assistant Coach - Tim McDonald
Assistant Coach - Bob Calder
Assistant Coach - Gab Harris
Girls Lacrosse
Head Coach - Taylor Sopron
Assistant Coach - Katlyn Wilke
Volunteer Coach - Jon Gargiulo
JV Coach - Zach Pressley
Volunteer Coach - Nicole Schude
Boys Lacrosse

Link To Downers South 

Boys Lacrosse Coach - TBA



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