Athletic Registration Information

Attention all summer camp participants:

Registration for fall sports at West Aurora High School is currently open at



I registered for summer camp.  Do I need to register to play sports in the fall?

Yes.  Registration is required every time you participate in a sport.


Do incoming freshmen need to set up a new 8to18 account?

No.  PLEASE do not create a new account. The same 8to18 account can be used from any previous school that used 8to18.  Please use, with your current 8to18 account email and password, to register for High School sports.


Do I need a new physical to participate in sports?

Maybe.  Physicals are valid for 13 months.  If your physical doesn’t expire until after your season you do not need a new one.  If it expires before the season, you will need one prior to the season.  If it expires during the season, you will need one prior to the expiration date to ensure it doesn’t lapse.  Without a valid physical, athletes are not able to participate in games or practices.


I was told I need a red card.  What is that?  Where and when do I get one?

A red card is simply a receipt that you have registered, have no outstanding fees, and have an updated physical on file.  Athletes are able to pick up their red card in the Athletic Office (temporarily located in Pride House) once they have registered.  Copies of physicals may be dropped off at that time as well.  Red cards are then to be turned in to coaches prior to the first practice.  The Athletic Office is open between 8-4pm Monday-Thursday.


Do you have any questions regarding registration?

Please contact Allison Wadle in the Athletics Office. Phone 630-301-5582. Email

8/9/2021 9:42 PM


2020-2021 Varsity Roster
Jersey Name Position Height Weight Class
1 Aaron Swann 5'9" 2021
2 Matthew Tarr 6'1" 2023
3 Kyle Williams 5'9" 2021
4 Joseph Pokryfke 6'1" 2022
5 Harrison Fonseca 6'0" 2022
6 Kelly Roney 5'10" 2022
7 Ryan Niedzwiedz 6'0" 2023
8 Ryan Deliman 5'8" 2022
9 Corey Patrick 5'10" 2021
10 Colin Buziecki 6'5" 2021
12 Dalton Hannon 6'0" 2022
13 Trenton Crump 6'0" 2021
14 Alex Rangel 5'7" 2021
17 Ben Wisniewski 5'10" 2022
19 Andrew Martin 6'2" 2022
21 Jonah Hart 6'4" 2022
22 Cole Werve 6'1" 2021
23 Brock Beatus 6'1" 2022
24 Alexander Jackson 6'1" 2022
25 J.d. Ruhs 5'11" 2021
30 Cade Rundle 6'2" 2021
31 Stephen De Chaud 5'11" 2022
44 Gavin Nolan 6'2" 2022
Coaching Staff