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Girl's Swim Team Rules and Regulations

Guidelines and Expectations


Students who are selected for the privilege of membership on an athletic team should conduct themselves as responsible representatives of the school. In order to assure this conduct, the coach will enforce specific guidelines and expectations. Furthermore, team members who fail to abide by these guidelines and expectations are subject to disciplinary action. Student-athletes must always serve as exemplars of high moral character and must demonstrate appropriate academic commitment, which is expected from all students. As recognized representatives of their school, student-athletes are expected to exhibit appropriate behavior during the season and out of season, in uniform and out of uniform, in school and out of school.


1. Student-athletes will be required to maintain a minimum grade of a 70 in all classes to remain eligible to participate in practices and games.

 2. Any student-athlete who is late to a practice without notifying the coach will receive a warning for the first occurrence and a one game suspension for each additional occurrence.

 3. Any student-athlete who misses a game or practice for an unexcused reason will receive a one game suspension. The second occurrence will result in the dismissal from the Taft Women’s Swim Program.

 4. Any student-athlete receiving a referral, detention, or another consequence due to a behavior issue will be subject to disciplinary action at the coach’s discretion.  

 5. Any student-athlete receiving an in-school or out of school suspension for behavior during the swim season will result in their immediate dismissal from the Taft Women’s Swim program.

 6. Any form of bullying involving student-athletes will not be tolerated and will result in the individual’s immediate dismissal from the Taft Women’s Swim program.

 8. Student-athletes will be required to wear the team quarter zip, a button-down collared shirt, sweater, or blouse with dress pants, khakis, or skirts on game days, or the athlete will not be eligible to participate during the game that day

9. All student-athletes are expected to leave and come back on the bus during away games.

10. Any student-athlete who is found to have consumed alcohol, used tobacco products, or used illegal drugs will not be eligible; such behavior during the season will result in the immediate removal from the Taft Women’s Swim program.


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