Athletic and Extracurricular Activity Announcement Regarding CPS Policy of Cancellations

Hello Taft Students and Parents,



Summer contact days for coaches have been CANCELED and eliminated due to the pandemic for coaches and students.  We apologize about any inconvenience as we are being proactive in the health and well being of our students and family.  If you have paid for camps, please check your email as there will be a refund provided by our Illinois 8 to 18 account.


Chicago Public Schools has released new guidelines for group and athletic gatherings and district sanctioned travel through the latest Governor's announcement of schools remaining closed through the rest of the academic year, I am updating this message as a final cancellation for any event we had scheduled.

  • Essential school activities involving students and school staff during the school day will proceed as usual.  This includes lunch periods and our daily class schedule.
  • All athletics and extracurricular activities are suspended until further notice.  This includes practices, meetings and any athletic and sport competitions.



  • Assemblies and field trips are classified as non-essential and will be postponed.
  • All school sanctioned trips beyond Chicago city limits are cancelled through the end of Spring Break.  Additional guidance will be issued for travel post post Spring Break in the upcoming weeks.



If there are any questions, comments or concerns, please feel to reach out.  I apologize about any inconveniences and thank you again for your efforts and commitment.


8/1/2020 5:00 AM

GIRLS Track and Field

2019-2020 Varsity Roster
Jersey Name Position Height Class
Mia Angeles 2023
Kenia Aranda 2023
Lauren Barjami 2022
Hailey Bautista 2023
Daniella Berkane 2022
Karolina Blando 2022
Ella Chambers 2021
Yeva Chorniy 2021
Vanessa Cloherty 2023
Lucy Cunningham 2022
Emma D Dennewitz 2022
Yehansa Dissanayake 5'3" 2023
Katheryn Gonzalez 2023
Julie Gutierrez 2020
Annalise Hankins 2021
Paige Heller 2023
Sarah Hennessy 2020
Leslie Hernandez 2023
Cristal Irizarry 2022
Andreen Marie Isidoro 2020
Kaya Jarzyna 2023
Katherine Kawa 2023
Keara Kayat 2020
Marie Keating 2020
Ariana Kimple 2023
Emily Landicho 2020
Giselle Luke 2023
Eliza Lust 5'5" 2023
Karolina Malochleb 2022
Ashley Marin 2020
Stacy Markopoulos 2022
Hope Marr 2020
Delbee Martin 2022
Kaitlyn Meyer 2023
Gianna Miranda 2021
Ana Moisa 2023
Emma Murphy 2020
Isabelle Nelson 2022
Laura Norero 2023
Josephine O'Donnell 2023
Catherine O'Shea 2023
Amira Parker 2022
Sydney Partyka 2020
Celeste Pedroza 2021
Estefania Pena 2021
Mariah Quetell 2020
Maggie Ryan 2023
Emily Sanders 2021
Anna Savino 2023
Mira Schroeder 2023
Jasmin Sida 2023
Ruby Silich 2023
Molly Smith 2023
Za'Nya Smith 2020
Callista Stokes 2023
Kamila Surmacz 2023
Shannon Tierney 2020
Phoebe Tozer 2023
Greenlei Trier-Carlson 2023
Olivia Trynka 2023
Madelyn Youngren 2022
Coaching Staff