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BOYS TRACK and FIELD | Varsity

The Charger Nation Boys Track and Field Teams heads into the 2020 season, with great anticipation, as a team, that is ready to continue the great tradition of the sport, in the history of Charger athletics!  ACC has qualified, either individuals or relays, for the IHSA State Finals, 25 out, of the last 27 years! This years team will feature strength in the middle distances and distances, as well, as the Throws, Pole Vault, and the Hurdles. The key for the overall team development will be the development, of a young core of sprinters.

Leading the returnees are a steady group of middle distance-distance runners, who are coming off a state qualifying Cross Country season.  Those athletes are led by returning all sectional runner, JR. Rohn Ritchie, who posted PR’s of 4:31.94 for the 1600, and 2:02 for the 800. The senior tandem of Tony LoPresti, and Sam Woody. Also, returning in that group are Jr’s Max Meyers, and Jose Lopez.  ACC boasts three standout freshman, who look to contribute, in Noah Herbst, Armando Acosta, and James Stolfe. “ we should be pretty strong, as a small school competing up in 2A, we will cover the individual events, but would like to load a potentially strong 3200 relay, by the end of the season!” According to Coach Kerber. Also, returning to anchor the Throws is Sr. Bryce Krpan. Last season, Krpan, nearly crested the 50’ mark in the Shot Put. JR. Colin Dallas returns, as a potential 13’00 vaulter, as well as returning as a solid prospect in the 300 hurdles!  Also, returning is JR. Patrick Englehardt, who went under 16.01, for the 110 hurdles, and also has great potential in the 300 hurdles, and the high jump!

ACC will be reliant on a sizable group of underclassmen to strategically fill in the gaps in certain events, and several will be key contributors this season!


 The hurdles program has really been bolstered by the addition of Coach Mayer, in this past season, and he is a master technician in hurdle and jump training,” according to Coach Kerber.  Overall, we have an excellent staff of coaches, with proven experience in every event area, including Kerber, Josh Jerwers, and Nolan Dickson in the middle distances-distances, and long relays. Coach Mayer in the hurdles and the jumps, Susan Jerwers in the Throws, Victor Ramos, and Jerwers in the sprints, and relays, Michael Englehardt in the Pole Vault, and Dr. Paul Blaha in the high jump.




Team Stats and Charger Nation history at the IHSA State Finals —ACC has a total of 2 relay state championships and 1 individual state championship (Indoors) as well as hundreds of state qualifiers, and several all state performances including  * indicates school record


D.Edmeier-D.Jenkins-J.Mallette-T.Jenkins   1600 relay       3:25.06            1979    1st at State


J.Leal-C.DeKing-T.Bohr-J.Mallette                3200 relay       7:57.31*           1979    1st at State


Brad Jendruczek                                            High Jump      6’10” *             1988    2nd at State


Tony Jenkins                                                  400                  49.94               1980    2nd at State


Erasmo Navar                                                400                  49.64 *            1997    2nd at State


J.Misenko-R.Villa-C.Felten-J.Cintron            3200 relay       8:03.81            1998    3rd at State


S.Bustamante-D.Hernandez-K.Mikowski      3200 relay       8:04.21            2002    3rd at State



S.Bustamante-D.Hernandez-C.Hurd             3200 relay       8:03.94            2003    4th at State



E.Edmonds-D.Mathew-N.Alosio-B.Grismer  1600 relay       3:24.31 *         2004    4th at State


A.Duncan-M.Marter-Z.Flint-M.Meyers           3200 relay       7:58.89            2012    4th at State


A.Villa-D.Vargas-M.Rogers-S.Szilage           3200 relay       8:06.24            1994    5th at State


Alex Villa                                                         1600 run          4:28.04            1995    5th at State


Patrick Lefevre                                                110 H Hurdles 14.97 *           2013    5th at State


Mario Bastida                                                  3200 run          9:49.02            1979    6th at State


Alex Villa                                                         3200 run          9:52.18            1994    6th at State


M.Glosson-S.Bustamante-M.Barazza           3200 relay       8:06.14            2001    6th at State



M.Glosson-M.Barazza-C.Esparza                 3200 relay       8:06.64            1999    6th at State



Tony Jenkins                                                  200                  22.74               1980    6th at State


Erasmo Navar                                                200                  22.54 *            1997    6th at State


Javier Montelongo                                          800                  1:56.64*           2014    6th at State


McKimmon Englehardt                                   300 Hurdles    39.03 *            2017    6th at State


Tom Bohr                                                        High Jump      6’03”                1979    7th at State



M.Glosson-C.Barazza-D.Hernandez             3200 relay       8:07.23            2000    7th at State



Matt Meyers                                                    1600 run          4:24.39            2013    7th at State


Paul Edmeier                                                  Pole Vault        13’00-00’ *       1979    8th at State


Tony Jenkins                                                  100                  11.14               1980    8th at State


Chris Vargas                                                   200                  22.94               1993    8th at State


B.Michalowski-J.Cintron-C.Felten-R.Villa      3200 relay       8:12.84            1997    9th at State


Patrick Lefevre                                                110 Hurdles    15.45               2014    9th at State


Brandt Krpan                                                   Shot Put          51-04.50”         2017    9th at State


State indoor top 2 Finishes


Erasmo Navar                                                400                  50.54 *            1997    1st at State


Jeff Cintron                                                     800                  1:59.23            1999    2nd at State


Alex Villa                                                         3200 run          9:58.41            1993    2nd at State


A.Duncan-M.Marter-M.Meyers-A.Alviar        3200 relay       8:08.12*           2012    2nd at State


D.Szekely-R.Villa-C.Felten-J.Cintron            3200 relay       8:14.51            1996    2nd at State


S.Bustamante-D.Hernandez-D.Mathew        3200 relay       8:20.14            2002    2nd at State



Team stats


Conference             79 2nd, 93 2nd, 95 2nd, 97 2nd, 99, 2nd, 2000 2nd, 2010 2nd, 2011 2nd, 2013 2nd, 2014 2nd, 2016 3RD, 2017 3rd,

Sectionals               79 2nd, 97 2nd, 2007 1st,  2010 2nd, 2013 2nd, 2014 3rd,

IHSA State meet top 25 finishes                    79 14th, 97 24th

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