Requirements to participate in sports in DPS

1) All athletes must have a current sports physical (school physicals count)

2) All athletes must pay a $10 athletic fee per sport ($50 maximum for a family)

3) All families must sign an Agreement to Participate form

4) All families must sign the IESA concussion informational form

5) All families must sign the district permission form

6) All families must sign the Policy Regarding Parent Concerns form

7) All families must attend a parent meeting prior to competing in any contests.

8) All athletes must maintain passing grades in all subjects.

9) All athletes must maintain positive behavior in the classroom and during practices and contests.

10) All families must maintain good sportsmanship during home and away games and must show respect to referees, coaches, players, and other fans.

11) All athletes must be in attendance for at least half the day to participate in a contest on that day.

4/1/2022 5:41 AM

GIRLS Softball