Summer Camps 2021

To All Summer Camp participants:

Masks are still a REQUIRMENT for all indoor summer camp activity.  

Masks do not have to be worn outside when social distancing (non-contact activity) occurs. 

Per the IHSA and IDPH, high risk sports like football must still wear masks outdoors when social distancing cannot be maintained. Masks are optional for medium and low risk outdoor sports like soccer, track and field, baseball, softball, and tennis.  

Thank you

Argo Athletic Department

7/30/2021 6:00 PM


  • There are no current announcements.

There are no Competitive Pom Pons (V) games from 23 Wed, June 2021.

Competitive Pom Pons | Varsity

Our team is made up of 20 highly dedicated and hard working girls.  These girls not only work hard at practices and performances but also in the classroom.  We pride ourselves on being great students, great athletes and respectful young ladies.

Team Rosters

  • No.
  • Name
  • Pos
  • Hgt
  • Class
  • No.
  • Name
  • Pos
  • Hgt
  • Class
Yaeli Benavides 2022 Alicja Bukowski 2022
Daniela Castro 2021 Gabriella Chmiel 2021
Alexxandra Delenikas 2021 Vanessa Delgado 2021
Monika Dzierzega 2022 Denise Gallarado 2022
Mariana Garcia 2021 AnnaMaria Gieron 2021
Anna Gonciarczyk 2022 Rubi E Isais 2021
Sarah Magliano 2021 Taylor Mills 2021
Maya Maria Morales 2021 Maja Nawrocka 2023
Madison Robles 2023 Stephanie Romo 2022
Stephanie Serrano 2022 Kristi Vinci 2022
Ana Zavala 2022
Mary Jane Aguilar 2021 Isabella Baranski 2023
Natalie Boggs 2024 Molly Cardinal 2023
Emily Carrera 2024 Gianna Ciota 2024
Gabriela Delgado 2021 Kassidy Farrell 2024
Emily Gaona 2023 Karine Gutierrez 2021
Holly Lyczak 2024 Brooke Marrotta 2023
Emily Murawski 2024 Selene Salazar 2021
Kamila Tylka 2021 Evelyn Vega 2022
Natalia Villarre