We are excited to announce our summer camp sessions for the Summer of 2021!  You may register for summer camps by clicking on the Registration Tab above. If you already have an account, please use that account.  If you are new to 8to18, you will need use your own email address and create a password. Please be sure to write down and keep in a secure place since you will need it for future registrations throughout your student's athletic career at Bartlett HIgh School.  

Not all camps are currently available.  We will update the registration and brochure as our camps become available.  Keep checking back or contact the coach for additional camp information.  All camps are free of charge; however, there may be an additional fee specific to the sport.  See the camp brochure on this page to view all the sports that are available.

7/23/2021 9:47 PM


During June and July, we will meet at local golf courses for opportunities to work on our games and connect with players and coaches in the program.Set dates for June(more will be planned):  Tuesday, June 8 and Tuesday, June 22 - Bartlett Hills 6pm. $20 per player - 9 holes and range balls.  Players must walk.  Fees are required for use of public facilities.

Information about participation in our golf camp:

Register at  -  all players MUST complete this step!

We will establish an email list and send out a Google Form for each date for each course.  Tee times are being held for us and we need to confirm our number each day.  Please respond no later than 12 hours before the date so that we can inform the course of our numbers.  

Players can attend as many (or as few) dates as they wish.

These dates are for players who want to play competitive high school golf this August. 

Each player needs to have their own clubs, balls, equipment, water, etc.

Please send your questions to:Head Coach - Chris Pemberton ( Coach - Eric Ilich (

7/30/2021 2:42 PM



Options for turning in an UPDATED SPORTS PHYSICAL:

Email/Scan a copy to Mrs. Frontzak at

Fax it to the Athletic Office at (630) 372-4692


*Your sports physical must be signed by both parent and athlete, as well as the physician.

**Your sports physical must be completely filled out by parent and physician.

***A current sports physical must be on file in order to practice, participate or tryout for a sport.  

7/1/2022 7:40 PM


2019-2020 Varsity Roster
Jersey Name Position Height Weight Class
Waqar Ahmed 2021
Victor Arano 2020
Jacob Bahena 2020
Alejandro Barco 2021
Nicholas Bucaro 2021
Gabriel Bueno 2021
Jack Carbery 2021
Hunter Combs 2021
Andrew Conforti 2021
Kevin Correa Castro 2020
Eric Delgado 2021
Fernando Delgado 2021
Alex Flores 2021
Theodore Fresso 2021
Roger Garcia 2021
Ian Giertz 2020
Sebastian Gluszak 2021
Nicolas Gomez 2020
Ali Haider 2021
Geovanny Hernandez 2021
Brandon Herrera 2021
Luke Jennes 2020
Sam Jennes 2020
Steven Kalish 2020
Chase Konstanzer 2021
Lucas Leal 2020
Simon Nawodylo 2021
Nathaniel Nguyen 2021
Charlie Nicoll 2021
Grant Oliver 2021
Jaden Opilla 2020
Kan Ota 2021
Thomas Parisi 2021
Om Patel 2021
Louie Paul 2021
Kavin Prashaad 2021
Ramiro Reyes 2021
Ashton Roden 2021
Joseph Sanders 2021
Andrew Sangar 2020
Jaden Simpson 2021
Brian Spina 2021
Rydell Tecson 2020
Michael Trajkovich 2020
Jack Wood 2020
Joshua Zolecki 2021
Coaching Staff