Visual Image Photography will be providing sports team and individual portraits this year, and we’ve worked with VIP to ensure social distancing and safe procedures. How to order sports portraits: For safety and convenience, photo days this year will be going paperless. All images will be posted online to view and order within a week after each photo day, and all orders will be delivered to your home. To place your order after photo day,  https://www.vipis.com/group/2e391858/batavia-high-school    or go to vipis.com. For additional ordering options or questions email support@vipis.com.

8/18/2020 11:30 PM

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BHS Letterman Jacket Information

Spirit Corner, LLC is a provider for the BHS Letterman jackets. 

Contact Johnni Zabka by email at johnni@spiritcorner.com or phone at (630) 777-9814 for more information.  You may follow Spirit Corner on facebook (facebook.com/spiritcorner) and Twitter (twitter.com/spiritcorner).

Kirhoffer Sports is also a provider for the BSH Letterman jackets. 

Kirhoffer Sports is located at 2112 W. Galena Blvd., #4, Aurora, IL  60506.  630-897-2322.