Welcome to the Batavia High School Athletic Department - Informational Letter.

Welcome to the Batavia High School Athletic Department -

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12/31/2021 11:30 PM


Options for turning in an UPDATED SPORTS PHYSICAL:

Email/Scan a copy to Mrs. Stuttle at julie.stuttle@bps101.net

Fax it to the Athletic Office at (630) 937-8602


**Your sports physical must be signed by both parent and athlete, as well as the physician.

**Your sports physical must be completely filled out by parent and physician.


**A current sports physical must be on file in the atheltic office in order to practice, participate or tryout for a sport.  Sports physicals are good for 13 months. 


**Click here to download and print off a copy of the IHSA Sports Physical Form.

6/26/2021 11:30 PM




Batavia High School
Administration & Athletic Staff



Superintendent Dr. Lisa Hichens
Principal Dr. JoAnne Smith
Athletic Director Dave Andrews
Assistant Athletic Director Jim Nazos
Assistant Athletic Director Dennis Piron
Athletic Secretary Julie Stuttle
Athletic Trainer Erin Finucane, Zac Roberts

Nikki Behrens - Head Varsity Coach

Grace McReynolds - Head JV Coach

Dance Team

Angela Fuqua - Head Varsity Coach

Megan Koif - Head JV Coach

Fall Sports Coaching Staff



Cross Country - Boys

Bronco Meeks, Head Coach

Alvin Freeman, Asst. Coach

Cross Country - Girls

Chad Hillman, Head Coach

Samantha Miller, Asst. Coach


Dennis Piron, Head Varsity Coach
Adam Kolowski, Head Sophomore Coach
Michael Theriault, Head Freshman Coach

Golf - Boys

Tim DeBruycker, Head Varsity Coach

Bryan Lindstrom, Head JV Coach

Golf - Girls

Tim Kauffmann, Head Varsity Coach

Virgiania Platt, Head JV Coach

Soccer - Boys

Mark Gianfrancesco, Head Varsity Coach

Thomas O'Reilly, Assistant Varsity Coach

Aaron Kuhn, Head JV Coach 

Phil Albrecht, Freshman Coach

Jenna McKnight, Freshman Coach

Tennis - Girls

Brad Nelson, Head Varsity Coach
Lisa Stoneberg, Head JV Coach

Volleyball - Girls

McKenna Kelsay, Head Varsity Coach

Jena Karkos, Head JV Coach

Jancy Lundberg, Head Sophomore Coach

Albana Hoti, Head Freshman A Coach

Katelyn Patrick, Head Freshman B Coach


Winter Sports Coaching Staff



Basketball - Boys

Jim Nazos, Head Varsity Coach

Nick Marsh, Assistant Varsity Coach

Anthony Williams, Assistant Varsity Coach

Tim Swanson, Head Sophomore Coach
Jason Toth, Head Freshman Coach

Basketball - Girls

Kevin Jensen, Head Varsity Coach

Alex Benters, Assistant Varsity Coach

Frank Torres, Head JV Coach

Corey Landers, Head Sophomore Coach
Landon Bruni, Head Freshman Coach

Gymnastics - Girls Taryn Boyce, Head Varsity Coach
Scott Cazel, JV Coach

Scott Bayer, Head Coach
Ryan Farwell, Assistant Varsity Coach
Tom Arlis, Assistant Varsity Coach

Dan Cadena, Head JV Coach

Rick Miller, Head Freshman Coach

Spring Sport Coaching Staff




Alex Beckmann, Head Varsity Coach

Josh Miller, Assistant Varsity Coach
Brett Bartos, Head Sophomore Coach

Corey Landers, Assistant Sophomore Coach
Brendan Acosta, Head Freshman Coach

Ryan Sullivan, Assistant Freshman Coach

Soccer - Girls

Mark Gianfrancesco, Head Varsity Coach
Lindsay Spears, Assistant Varsity Coach
Thomas O'Reilly, JV Coach
Brooke LeFevre, Freshman Coach
Kaitlyn McGuriman, Freshman Coach 


Torry Pryor, Head Varsity Coach

TBD, Varsity Assistant

Jeff Sortino, Assistant Varsity Coach
Britt Lindahl, Head JV Coach
Betsy Murray, Head Freshman Coach

Bill Finucane, Assistant Freshman Coach

 Tennis - Boys

 Brad Nelson, Head Varsity Coach
 Jim Lau, Head JV Coach

Track & Field - Boys

Dennis Piron, Head Coach
Brooke Bernardoni
Michael Theriault
Kelly Firnbach

Bronco Meeks

Track & Field - Girls

Justin Allison, Head Coach
Chad Hillman

Brooke Bernardoni

Kelly Firnbach


Nick Lundberg, Head Varsity Coach

Scott Williams, Head JV      Coach