CHS Live Streaming Information

Central High School

Live Streaming Information

You will need to go to Youtube Live

Once you are in Youtube Live you will have to type in the search bar:

For the Main Gym Type:

CHS Streaming 1


For the Field House Type:

CHS Streaming 2


To make it easier to find future games you can subscribe to these channels.


6/20/2021 12:00 AM

Non In-Season Weight Room Sign Up

Athletes if you are not in season and looking to workout to prepare for your season the weight room will be open weekly on Monday's and Thursday's.  The first day will be this Thursday, February 4th and the time slots are 3:15 pm and 4:15 pm.  To secure your time slot you will need to sign up on the sign up genius link below.

If you sign up you will be required to meet all the Central Covid screening protocols and enter and exit through door 21.  If you have any questions please contact the following:

Coach Kyle Nelson:

Steve Diversey:

3/24/2021 11:00 PM


2020-2021 Varsity Roster
Jersey Name Position Height Class
Kenzie Andersen 5'6" 2024
Kristiana (tia) Brennan 5'11" 2023
Kyla Butler 5'3" 2021
Rylee Butler 5'4" 2024
Grace Comparone 0'0" 2021
Annalise Daniels 5'4" 2021
Tessa DiDomenico 5'7" 2022
Lauren Dowd 5'4" 2021
Jasmin Escobedo 5'5" 2024
Vanessa Farmer 5'4" 2024
Giada Gemelli 5'7" 2023
Andrea Gomez 4'11" 2023
Jada Hall 5'6" 2024
Mia Hansen 5'9" 2024
Jade Huaracha 5'5" 2023
Erin Jossart 5'5" 2021
Corryn Kester 5'1" 2024
Michaela Kruse 5'7" 2023
Hannah Raders 5'2" 2023
Jocelyn Victoria 5'2" 2021
Coaching Staff