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4/15/2020 4:52 PM

Spring Athlete Home Workouts

Attention Spring Athletes: 

The hope is that we will return to school and we hope that you are ready to compete if and when we do.  In order for that to happen, your coaches have put together some at workouts for you to complete at home and by yourself.  If you have questions please reach out to your coaches.  Also, remember all District facilities are closed and can not be used for these workouts.

For your teams workout clink the link below:

4/30/2020 11:30 PM

Spring Schedules

All Spring schedules on 8to18 are changing rapidly due to the school that we were scheduled to compete against are canceling.  Please keep checking your teams schedules for update to cancelations.  This will help with not having to send too many blasts with all the changes that have happened thus far.

4/30/2020 11:30 PM