Summer Camp information is starting to come out for this summer.  Please look for the information under Resources as you scroll down on this page on the lower left corner.    As more camps get set up we will add to the list.  We expect to have a girls cross country camp, tennis camp, swim camp, soccer camp, and possibly others so check back often. If you have any questions regarding summer camps please call the athletic office at 815-547-3884.

Thank you-

7/1/2021 7:48 PM

BOYS Bowling

2018-2019 Roster
Jersey Name Position Height Weight Class
Nickolas Buetsch 2021
Hunter Campa 2019
Ryan Crane 2022
Delete Delete 2021
Gabriel Foley 2021
Ian Hartle 2020
Kyle Johnson 2021
Nicholas Lenzen 2022
William Lopez 2020
Brandon Massman 2022
Isaac Mierow 2022
Jt (james) Murphy 2020
Donald (donnie) Peterson 2022
Ben Potter 2020
Preston Potter 2022
Zihan Qiu 2020
John Sippel 2020
Ashton Stone 2021
Marco Tarozzi 2021
Mattthew Turn 2021
Vincenzo Vespo 2020
Coaching Staff
2018-2019 Varsity Roster
Jersey Name Position Height Weight Class
Patrick Bender 2020
Justin Bragg 2019
Nole Hefty 2021
Jacob Hodge 2020
Gabriel Lord 2020
Jonathan Powell 2019
Ryan Schwegler 2020
Cal Taylor 2020
Justin Trimble 2021
Coaching Staff