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  • Triston Bigham waits to hear his name called for JV Radio awards at Chatham 2020.
  • Stephen Lake waits to hear his name called for JV Impromptu awards at Chatham 2020.
  • Trey & Connor wait onstage to hear their name called in Humorous Duet Acting at Chatham 2020.
  • Stephen waits to hear his name called for JV Original Oratory awards at Chatham 2020.
  • Macy & Hannah waiting to find out results from DDA finals at Chatham 2020.
  • Trey Murphy, Hunter Rechsteiner, Macy Shelton, Alyssa Sawyer, and Judson Palmer wait to head to the auditorium for awards after competing in finals.
  • Trevor Richardson, Piper Chambers, Connor Fauset, and Stephen Lake create entertaining games as they wait for finals postings at Chatham.
  • Judson Palmer enjoys a walking taco while waiting for finals postings at Chatham.
  • Stephen Lake, Trevor Richardson, and Head Coach Vanessa Sneed celebrate after retrieving Vanessa’s bags off of the bus in the freezing snow
  • Alyssa Sawyer, Stephen Lake, and Hunter Rechsteiner promoting our fall Yankee Candle fundraiser at the Benton Civic Center Craft Show.
  • The BCHS Speech Team celebrates at Chick-fil-a after a 5th place overall finish at SISAL finals at Belleville West.
  • The team celebrates another 1st place limited entry division and 6th place win at the Chatham tournament 2020.
  • Trey & Connor “on deck,” to go on stage and receive their HDA award at Chatham 2020.
  • The BCHS Speech team placed 1st in the limited entry division and 6th overall at the Mt. Vernon tournament.
  • The BCHS Speech Team took home 1st place in the limited entry division and 6th place overall at the Harrisburg tournament.
  • The BCHS Speech team showing their true selves at the Mascoutah tournament.
  • The BCHS Speech team at the Mascoutah Tournament. The team placed 7th overall and placed 3rd in the limited entry division.


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