Fall Sports Registration 2020-2021 School Year

 Fall sports registration is opened for all  athletes. Athletes must be registered . Athletes will not be able to participate in Fall Sports if they are not registered, and  if they don't  have a valid sports  physical on file in the athletic office  for this school year. 

Fall Sports: FootballBoys/Girls Cross CountryBoys SoccerGirls Volleyball.

There is a Athletic fee of $35.00 per Athlete for the school year.

To begin registration for your athlete:

Click on the registration button above and follow the prompts.

Select sport, and follow promps.

Pay when you register sportsFootball  and Cross-Country

Try-out sports:  Boys Soccer, Girls Volleyball the fee will be due if the athlete is selected for the team.

All athletes must be registered online and have a current physcial, In order to participate in Bloom Township sports.

If you need a physical, Please see link for physicals for $25 (look under resources) on this page.

If you have any questions please contact the Athletic office @ 708-755-1122 ex 2127 or jdilbeck@sd206.org



9/30/2020 3:36 PM

Sports Physicals

Need to get your physical done and in a hurry check out Midwest Express Clinics.

They have several locations for you to schedule an appointment


Present this Coupon upon arrival


9/30/2020 9:44 PM

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Photo Gallery

  • Joe Houston scoops a single leg and holds it tight looking to get a takedown
  • Michael Thomas gaining back points against Oak Lawn
  • Aidan Ruiz using a 3/4 nelson to turn over his opponent
  • Malik Cook-Bey squeezes and sinks his opponents shoulders to the mat for a pin.
  • Daquan Kennedy's debut match using brute strength
  • Johnny Barnes III creating leverage to get a half nelson on his opponent
  • Ayric Bruce-Rose showing a great example of hand control
  • Jevin Dampier picking the ankle to bring his opponent to the ground maintaining balance.
  • Nick Houston breaking down his opponent looking for a Pin
  • Derrick Brodanex looking for his next move with the remaining time
  • Bradley Bourbonnais Quad November 25th, 2017
  • Bradley Bourbonnais Quad November 25th, 2017
  • Bradley Bourbonnais Quad November 25th, 2017