Below you will find links to the live streaming channels that DGS and opponents are using this spring and summer seasons.  If you have any difficulty please call the athletic office at 630-795-8517.




Home Contests on DGS Athletics YouTube DGS Athletics YouTube:


  • Basketball (boys and girls), Wrestling-(Large Gym as scheduled on Hudl by coaches)
  • Stadium contests in:  Football, Soccer (as scheduled on Hudl by coaches)
  • Twitter Live feeds in @DGSswim_dive, @DgGymnastics, @DGSBowling, @DGSBadminton, and @DGSXC and @DGSCC (as staffing permits)
  • Golf matches are not live streamed
  • Tennis matches are not live streamed

12/11/2021 3:49 PM


The DGS and DGN Athletic Departments are pleased to announce that we will continue to use cashless entries to our home athletic events through GoFan. 


Follow the instructions below to pre-purchase tickets and take advantage of shorter lines and a more sanitary cashless transaction.  Walkup admission is available.  Credit cards are encouraged.


  1. Download the the "GoFan--High School Tickets" App from the iPhone App Store (the app is NOT yet avialable in the Google Play store).
  2. Set up your account.  This app will house all purchased tickets in one easy to manage location on your device.  If you are using a Droid device, you will need to access your email to which the tickets were sent.
  3. Go to the DGS Events Page to purchase tickets.  (Remember- we do not charge for ALL contests in All sports--see Note below.)
  4. Detailed instructions can be found at this link.   Please review prior to arriving at the event.


*Note:The following events will charge an admission fee--digital pre-purchase tickets available:


Winter Sports

  • Soph/Varsity Baskerball (boys and girls)
  • Wrestling (all levels-one ticket) 
  • DGS invitationals (all sports, all levels; except tennis and cross country) 
  • IHSA events

2/12/2022 11:23 PM



In order to be ready to participate should we be given permission to begin sports, be sure to register on 8to18 here and be sure you have a valid physical on file in the AD office.


In this time of social distancing, here are the best ways to be sure your physical is on file in the AD office.



  • Fax the physical to 630-795-8557


  • Drop off at the security desk/main entrance.  Be sure to mark the envelope as "Physical for (name)--Please send to Athletic Office"


If you have any questions call Lisa Wivinis in the AD Office at 630-795-8517


12/11/2021 4:07 PM


2021-2022 Varsity Roster
Jersey Name Position Height Class
Nina Anthony 5'5" 2025
Amelia Biczek 5'8" 2024
Monika Biczek 5'4" 2025
Gianna Cierny 5'8" 2025
Audrey Curulewski 5'11" 2024
Payton DiProspero 5'2" 2025
Zora Evanoff 5'4" 2024
Cathy Gadomski 5'4" 2022
Ellison Gee 5'9" 2022
Grace Grant 5'5" 2025
Kennedy Heiden 5'0" 2022
Maya Homberg 5'3" 2024
JIllian Kane 5'4" 2025
Delaney Madiar 5'7" 2022
Audrey Mahoney 5'7" 2022
Hannah Martin 5'2" 2022
Amanda Maylath 5'7" 2022
Keira McLaughlin 5'5" 2025
Ashlyn Mesker 5'5" 2025
Morgan Molsky 5'7" 2025
Hillary Morris 5'5" 2022
Andrea Paradis 5'6" 2023
Abigail (abby) Parson 5'7" 2023
Emily Piechnik 5'7" 2025
Olivia Roti 5'5" 2022
Sara Ryan 5'6" 2024
Audrey Sickel 5'6" 2022
Maggie Stanley 5'7" 2023
Skylar Swanson 5'4" 2025
Lauren Thackray 5'1" 2025
Hannah Tolomeo 5'5" 2024
Yoanna Vasileva 5'3" 2023
Hailey Welp 5'8" 2022
Nathalie Whitlock 5'5" 2025
Riley Whitlock 5'7" 2024
Alyssa Zayed 5'4" 2022
Coaching Staff