Below you will find links to the live streaming channels that DGS and opponents are using this spring and summer seasons.  If you have any difficulty please call the athletic office at 630-795-8517.




Home Contests on DGS Athletics YouTube DGS Athletics YouTube:


  • Volleyball--all levels (Large Gym as scheduled on Hudl by coaches)
  • Stadium contests in:  Football, Soccer (as scheduled on Hudl by coaches)
  • Check our twitter feeds in @DGSswim_dive and @DGSXC and @DGSCC (as staffing permits)
  • Golf matches are not live streamed
  • Tennis matches are not live streamed

10/30/2021 3:49 PM


The DGS and DGN Athletic Departments are pleased to announce that we will continue to use cashless entries to our home athletic events through GoFan. 


Follow the instructions below to pre-purchase tickets and take advantage of shorter lines and a more sanitary cashless transaction.  Walkup admission is available.  Credit cards are encouraged.


  1. Download the the "GoFan--High School Tickets" App from the iPhone App Store (the app is NOT yet avialable in the Google Play store).
  2. Set up your account.  This app will house all purchased tickets in one easy to manage location on your device.  If you are using a Droid device, you will need to access your email to which the tickets were sent.
  3. Go to the DGS Events Page to purchase tickets.  (Remember- we do not charge for ALL contests in All sports--see Note below.)
  4. Detailed instructions can be found at this link.   Please review prior to arriving at the event.


*Note:The following events will charge an admission fee--digital pre-purchase tickets available:

  • Varsity Football
  • Soph/varsity Volleyball (boys and girls)
  • Soph/varsity basketball (boys and girls)
  • Wrestling (all levels-one ticket) 
  • DGS invitationals (all sports, all levels; except tennis and cross country) 
  • IHSA events

10/30/2021 11:23 PM


2020-2021 Sophomore Roster
Jersey Name Position Height Weight Class
Brandon Amaniampong 6'5" 210 2023
Luke Bennett 5'7" 125 2023
Alex Bergman 5'11" 135 2023
Powell Boakye 5'9" 120 2023
Mitchell Crane 5'7" 182 2023
Nolan Crooks 5'7" 105 2023
Daniel Depke 5'11" 145 2023
Shane Hosty 5'5" 105 2023
Mathias Jaikovski 6'4" 330 2023
Jake Justus 5'9" 155 2023
Kai Kim 5'7" 134 2023
Owen McCarthy 5'9" 130 2023
Colin McLaughlin 5'11" 145 2023
Mitchell Reiken 5'6" 111 2023
Logan Rodi 5'9" 120 2023
Henry Rotunno 5'8" 120 2023
TeKavin Russell 5'9" 126 2023
Wyatt Schuhmacher 5'8" 140 2023
Carter Smott 5'2" 114 2023
Jeffery Spirek 5'7" 120 2023
Josh Traugott 5'9" 135 2023
Coaching Staff