Below you will find links to the live streaming channels that DGS and opponents are using this spring and summer seasons.  If you have any difficulty please call the athletic office at 630-795-8517.




Home Contests on DGS Athletics YouTube DGS Athletics YouTube:


  • Basketball (boys and girls), Wrestling-(Large Gym as scheduled on Hudl by coaches)
  • Stadium contests in:  Football, Soccer (as scheduled on Hudl by coaches)
  • Twitter Live feeds in @DGSswim_dive, @DgGymnastics, @DGSBowling, @DGSBadminton, and @DGSXC and @DGSCC (as staffing permits)
  • Golf matches are not live streamed
  • Tennis matches are not live streamed

12/11/2021 3:49 PM


The DGS and DGN Athletic Departments are pleased to announce that we will continue to use cashless entries to our home athletic events through GoFan. 


Follow the instructions below to pre-purchase tickets and take advantage of shorter lines and a more sanitary cashless transaction.  Walkup admission is available.  Credit cards are encouraged.


  1. Download the the "GoFan--High School Tickets" App from the iPhone App Store (the app is NOT yet avialable in the Google Play store).
  2. Set up your account.  This app will house all purchased tickets in one easy to manage location on your device.  If you are using a Droid device, you will need to access your email to which the tickets were sent.
  3. Go to the DGS Events Page to purchase tickets.  (Remember- we do not charge for ALL contests in All sports--see Note below.)
  4. Detailed instructions can be found at this link.   Please review prior to arriving at the event.


*Note:The following events will charge an admission fee--digital pre-purchase tickets available:


Winter Sports

  • Soph/Varsity Baskerball (boys and girls)
  • Wrestling (all levels-one ticket) 
  • DGS invitationals (all sports, all levels; except tennis and cross country) 
  • IHSA events

2/12/2022 11:23 PM



In order to be ready to participate should we be given permission to begin sports, be sure to register on 8to18 here and be sure you have a valid physical on file in the AD office.


In this time of social distancing, here are the best ways to be sure your physical is on file in the AD office.



  • Fax the physical to 630-795-8557


  • Drop off at the security desk/main entrance.  Be sure to mark the envelope as "Physical for (name)--Please send to Athletic Office"


If you have any questions call Lisa Wivinis in the AD Office at 630-795-8517


12/11/2021 4:07 PM


Downers Grove South High School Administration and Athletic Staff


Revised October 20, 2021




Dr. Henry Thiele


Mr. Ed Schwartz

Associate Principal

Ms. Georgia Hash

Associate Principal

Mr. Omar Davis

Associate Principal

Dr. Karen Taylor

Assistant Principal for Counseling and Student Support Services Ms. Sara Courington
Activities Director Ms. Jennifer Martinez
Athletic Director Mr. Randall Konstans, C.A.A.

Assistant Athletic Directors

Mr. Mark Molinari

Mr. Darren Orel

Athletic Secretary

Mrs. Lisa Wivinis 

Athletic Trainers - Provided by AthletiCo

Lead Athletic Trainer -Stephanie Smith

Assistant Athletic Trainer - Diana Jacobo

Head Cheerleading Coach


Head Coach - Shannon Lahey

Assistant Varsity - Jessica Urbaniak

Asst. Cheerleading Coaches


JV - Ryan Dela Cruz

JV - (Vol) - Lyndsey Buado

Dance (Fillies-Varsity) Coach

Head Coach - Dawn Jovic

Dance (Pintos-JV) Coach

Mariterese Altosino

Fall Sports Coaching Staff



Boys' Cross Country

Head Coach - Brian Caldwell
Assistant - Sean Senf

Assistant -  Greg Maloney

Assistant (Vol.) - Mike Kirk

Boys' Golf

Head Coach - Chris Beranek

Head Sophomore - Rob Bozek

Boys' Soccer

Head Coach - Jon Stapleton
Assistant Varsity/JV - 
Mike Paczkowski
JVI- Chris Hernandez
              JVII - Kiley Czerwinski

Freshman - Christina Kiotis

Assistant - (Vol) Nate Terry


Head Varsity Coach - Mark Molinari 
Assistant Varsity - Dan Bielawski

Assistant Varsity - Dave Burton
Assistant Varsity - Tony Nevrly

Assistant Varsity - Matt Quatman

Assistant Varsity - Dimitri Tripkos

Assistant Varsity (Vol) - John Bucklar

Head Sophomore Coach -  Troy Michalek

Assistant Sophomore - Mike Iazzetto

Assistant Sophomore - Arthur Drenth

Assistant Sophomore - Alec Arvanitakis

Assistant Sophomore (Vol) - Phillip Simoncelli

Assistant Sophomore (Vol) - Jack Neumann

Head Freshman Coach - Zach Holtzman

Assistant Freshman- Rick LeBlanc

Assistant Freshman- Brian Kukulski

Assistant Freshman (Vol) - Jamarcus Russell

Assistant Freshman (Vol) -Robert McInerney

Girls' Cross Country

Head Coach - Doug Plunkett 
Assistant - Mike Farthing

Assistant - Tess Johnson

Assistant (Vol) - Meagan DeSalvo

Assistant (Vol) - Brian Long

Girls' Golf

Head Coach - Lindsay DeGiulio
Assistant - Darren Orel 

Girls' Tennis

Head Coach - Josh Forst
JV - Robert Kud
Freshmen - Adam Petersen

Girls Swimmng and Diving

Head Coach - Paul Krick
Diving - Elizabeth Lukes 
Assistant - Bryan Szweda

Assistant (Vol.) - 

Girls' Volleyball

Head Varsity - Madisen Babich

JV- Jocelynn Birks
Sophomore -  Pat Fardy

Freshman A - Jennifer Doherty

Freshman B - Brett Wolf 

Winter Sports Coaching Staff



Boys' Basketball

Head Varsity Coach - Zach Miller 

JV Coach - Matt Lahey

Assistant Coach (Vol) - Scott Miller

Sophomore Coach - Rob Bozek

Sophomore Assistant - (Vol.) Gary Smith

Freshman A Coach - Eric Baugh

Freshman B Coach - Troy Michalek 

Assistant Coach (Vol) - Charles Dotten


Boys' Swimming & Diving

Head Coach - Bryan Szweda
Assistant Coach - Paul Krick
Diving Coach - Elizabeth Lukes 

Assistant Coach (Vol.) - 


Head Varsity Coach - Sean Lovelace

Assistant Varsity Coach - Sean Raddatz 

Assistant Varsity Coach - (Vol.) Jeff Nugent

Head JVI-Coach - Todd Raymond

Assistant (Vol.) Sam Scrivani

Head JVII Coach - David Lee

Assistant JVI-JVII Coach - (Vol.) Jack Neumann

Head Freshman Coach - Zach Holtzman 

Assistant Freshman Coach - (Vol.) Jerry Gates

Girls' Basketball

Head Varsity Coach - Lyndsie Long
Varsity Asst. Coach - Brittany Armato
Sophomore Coach - Mack Trent
Freshman Coach A - Patrick Hayes
Freshman Coach B - Rob Hubbard

Girls' Bowling

Head Coach - Bob Topor
Assistant Coach - Adam Petersen

Girls' Gymnastics

Head Coach - Kristyn Campos
Assistant Coach - Bill Norris

Assistant Coach - Kylie Bosco

Assistant Coach - 

Spring Sports Coaching Staff



Boys' Baseball

Head Varsity Coach - Darren Orel
Varsity Assistant - Tim Cappelen

Varsity - (Vol) Pat Kenney

Head Sophomore Coach - Matt Quatman
Sophomore Assistant (Vol) - Chis Beranek

Head Freshman Coach - Brett Wolf
Freshman Assitant (Vol.)  - Kevin Raher

Freshman Assitant (Vol.)  - Gary Wolf

Boys' Gymnastics

Head Coach - Bill Norris

Assistant Coach -Kristyn Campos

Assistant Coach - Kylie Bosco

Boys' Lacrosse

Coop. Team with DGN.  The boys will be housed at DGS.

Head Varsity Coach -  Shon Zawlocki

Assistant Varsity - Joseph Reilly

Assistant Coach (Vol.) - Jon Gargiulo

JV Coach (Vol) - Mike McAleer

Assistant JV Coach (Vol)- Cody Figura

Head Freshman - Nic Tysiak

Assistant Coach (Vol.) - Matthew Malloy

Boys' Tennis

Head Coach - Josh Forst

Varsity Assistant Coach - Bob Kud

Assistant Coach (Vol.) -

Boys' Track & Field

Head Coach - Sean Senf
Assistant Coach - Brian Caldwell (distance)

Assistant Coach - David Lee (throws)

Assistant Coach -  Scott Klepadlo

Assistant Coach - Mike Farthing
Assistant Coach - (Vol.)  (jumps)

Boys' Volleyball

Head Coach - Kurt Steuer  
Varsity Assistant - Tony Nevrly 

JV Coach - Ryan Altenburg

Freshman Coach - Will Tischler

Assistant Coach (Vol.) - 

Girls' Softball

Head Varsity Coach - Jim Cushing
Varsity Assistant - Brooke Andresen
Varsity Assistant (Vol.) - Bill Drenth

Varsity Assistant (Vol.) - Jack Cannon

Head JV Coach  - Tessa McGuire

JV Assistant (Vol.) - Dick Cermak

JV Assistant (Vol.) - Rowan McGuire

Freshman Head Coach - Lyndsie Long

Freshman Assistant (Vol.) - Dan Long

Pitching Coach--All Levels - (Vol.) 

Girls' Badminton

Head Coach - Jocelyn Painter
JV Coach - Jennifer Jordan
Freshman Coach - Hayley Pendergast

Girls' Lacrosse

Coop. Team with DGN.  The girls will be housed at DGN.

See the DGN web site for informaiton.

Girls' Soccer

Head Varsity Coach -Chris Hernandez 

Assistant Coach - Adam Petersen

Sophomore Coach -  Mike McGinnis

Assistant Sophomore (Vol.) - Kiley Czerwinski

Freshman Coach - Mike Paczkowski

Assistant Freshman (Vol.) - Christina Kiotis

Assistant Freshman (Vol.) - Hannah Rossi

Girls' Track & Field

Head Coach - Doug Plunkett (distance)

Co-Head Coach -  Tess Johnson

(sprints, long and triple jumps)

Assistant Coach - Brian Kukulski (pole vault/throws)

Assistant Coach -  (sprints, high jump)

Assistant Coach -  Glenn Messmer (jumps)

Assistant (distance) - Meagan DeSalvo


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