Below are the "new" seasons for sports for this upcoming year at this time.  Please remember that everything is subject to change as the IHSA, IDPH and Governor update information and guidance.   


  • Golf, Girls Tennis and Boys and Girls Cross Country are slated to begin on Aug. 10th as normal with limitations and following all IDPH, IHSA and Governor guidelines and limitations. Registration for these sports should be up by Wednesday, August 5th. 


  • Winter Season (Boys and Girls Basketball, Wrestling, Competitive Dance and Cheer, Girls Bowling) can begin Nov. 16th and runs until Feb. 13th.   Pending conditions, this season could be pushed back. 


  • Spring Season (Football, Boys Soccer, Girls Volleyball, Badminton) can begin Feb. 15th and runs until May 1st. Pending conditions, this season could be pushed back. 


  • Summer Season (Baseball, Softball, Boys and Girls Track, Girls Soccer, Boys Tennis) can begin May 3rd and runs until June 26th Pending conditions, this season could be pushed back. 


Please remember, if you plan on participating in sports this year at all, you will still need a current, up-to-date physical prior to participation. 

8/14/2020 9:48 PM


East Aurora Administration and Athletic Staff


Dr. Jennifer Norrell


Jon Simpson

Athletic Director

Fil Torres


Assistant Athletic Director


Athletic Secretary

Mariza Martinez


Athletic Trainer

Ben Westholder

Cheerleading Coach

 Head Coach Austria Hutcherson


               Asst. Coach Mariza Martinez


Dance Coach

Head Coach TBA

           Asst. Coach Tiffany Williams

JV Coach Stephanie Evensen

Fall Sports Coaching Staff

Boys'& Girls' Cross Country

Head Coach Shane Gillespie

             Asst Coach Bryan Taylor

             Asst. Coach Nicholas Cowger

             Asst. Coach TBA

             Asst. Coach Paul Wecker


Head Coach Megan Rodriguez

Boys' Soccer

Head Coach Nathan Parry

Asst. Coach James Ross

JVI Coach Jorge Rios

JVII Coach Stephen Geati

Freshman A Obed Mendoza

Freshman B Manny Ayala


Head Coach Nick Kukuc

Asst. Coach 

Def. Coordinator Dave Williams

Asst. Coach Denny Galloway

Asst. Coach Tristan Burge

Asst. Coach Steve Kuchefski

Asst. Coach 

Asst. Coach Damon Patterson

Asst. Coach Dave Rericka

Asst. Coach Jake Pekofske

Asst. Coach John McCue

Volunteer Asst. Coach James Hanauer

Girls' Tennis

Head Coach Jesus Fernandez


Asst. Coach Donnell Collins


Girls' Volleyball

Head Coach Jenny Wilson

               Asst. Coach TBA

JV Coach Rachel Nenni

Soph. Coach Kelsey Kruel

Freshman A Coach Matthew Walker

Freshman B Coach Angelo Melero

Winter Sports Coaching Staff

Boys' Basketball

Head Coach Rick Robinson

Asst. Coach Damon Patterson

Asst. Coach Tyrone Savage

Head Soph. Coach Jabari Harrell

Asst. Coach Justin Johnson

Freshman A Coach Mitch Cleghorn

Freshman B Coach 

Girls Bowling

 Head Coach James Sroka


Asst. Coach Jeff Mleczko


Head Coach Frank Davison

Asst. Coach Ryan Mick

Asst. Coach Raphael Rodriguez

Girls' Basketball

Head Coach Lee Clayborn

Asst. Coach Torry Pryor

Head Soph. Coach Tyshee Towner

Asst. Coach Tavon Clayborn

Asst. Coach Bianca Esparza

Freshman A Coach Tony Dougherty

Freshman B Coach Blaine Roatch

Spring Sports Coaching Staff

Boys' Baseball

Head Coach Jerry Taulbee

Asst. Coach Jose Cardenas

Sophomore Head Coach James Sroka

Asst. Coach Kyle Neville

Freshman Head Coach Mitchell Lody

Asst. Coach Adrian Fonseca

Asst. Coach Miguel Hernandez

Boys' Tennis

Head Coach Susan Skelley

Asst. Coach Donnell Collins

Asst. Coach Jesus Fernandez

Boys' Track & Field

Head Coach Ryan Herlihy

Asst. Coach Richard Barajas

Asst. Coach Shane Gillespie

Asst. Coach Nick Cowger

Asst. Coach Nick Kukuc

Asst. Coach Paul Wecker

Girls' Badminton

Head Coach Wendell Jeffries

Assistant Coach Ivette Milan

Assistant Coach Jazmin Ramirez

Girls' Softball

Head Coach Allison Cable

Asst. Coach Brian Winders

JV Coach Jake Hunhoff

Asst. Coach Amanda Bussman

JV2 Coach Kaitlyn Gonzalez

Asst. Coach Cynthia Mascha


Girls' Soccer

 Head Coach Obed Mendoza

Asst. Coach Iokin Badillo

JVI Coach Jorge Rios

JVII Coach Steve Geati

Freshman Coach  Manny Ayala

Girls' Track & Field

Head Coach Michael Begich

Asst. Coach John McCue

Asst. Coach Bryan Taylor

 Asst. Coach Sharissa McQueen