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  • @ Belvidere High School


  • @ Guilford High School


  • vs. Jefferson High School


  • vs. Freeport High School


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There are no BOYS Football (V) games from 05 Wed, May 2021.

BOYS Football | Varsity

Every season, the football team at East High School will strive for excellence. Each year brings new challenges, but one constant remains, competition breeds success. The E-RAB Football team, led by Coach Griffin, will push the student-athlete to compete, not only on the football field, and classroom, but in Life!

  • The E-RAB football program will be based around four fundamental goals
  • Theses goals apply to all levels of E-RAB Football and guide the decision making process
  • We will believe, at East High School that these goals are the building block to success



CREATE "Impact Men"We want to create student-athletes that are better individuals when they finish playing E-RAB Football. They will be better husbands, fathers and community members because of the life lessons learned through E-RAB Football.


WIN We will prepare to win Conference titles, and State Championships!


FAMILY Every member of the E-RAB Football program is included in our family, regardless of race or ethnic background. We are a family because we have a common purpose and a shared vision!


FUN We must remember that football is a game, a game that should be fun. Winning can be fun!

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