Team Stats

Track and Field and Cross Country Community:
The 2008 Track Season will officially begin on Saturday, February 2, 2008 at 10:45 am.  Our theme, is to run faster, jump higher, jump farther, throw farther when we are fatigued.  The coaching staff will use the next fifty-nine track days to utilize various teaching and coaching strategies to position our guys to be at their best for the meets in late April and the month of May.  Some of the training strategies will include, interval training, long slow overload (harness work), plyometrics, running in the pool, weight room, reversal track running and of course the track meets.
It is vital for our continued improvement that your young men dedicate daily training (4-6 pm) to the 2008 theme for our success.
The coaching staff is excited about the 2008 season and working with our guys.  We look forward to your support and participation. We are looking for parent volunteers for all our home track meets.
Coach Michelin