Digital Gold Cards

Gold Cards

Each student-athlete will need to obtain a gold card before being allowed to participate in athletics. This Gold Card is your pass for trying out / attending contact days. Athletes will need to submit their information into the following form for approval. Once you have been cleared for participation you will receive a new digital gold card to your student email.

Students must have a current physical on file in order to be approved. If you are not sure when your physical expires please reach out to Ms. Hengesh by phone or email.

Gold Card Request Form


Options for turning in an updated physical:

Upload your physical to the Glenbard North Gold Card Request Form

Drop your physical off to the Door 1 security desk

Email a copy to Ms. Hengesh at

Fax it to the Athletic Office at (630) 653 - 2804


10/23/2020 11:59 PM

Glenbard North Spectator Policy and Registration

In order to comply with IHSA spectator requirements, spectators will be required to pre-register for attendance at all fall competitions. Only pre-registered spectators may attend.

Spectators must follow all expectations in order to attend Glenbard North athletic activities. Indoor spectators are not allowed at this time per to capacity requirements. 

Information on requirements along with athletic pre-registration can be found here

10/31/2020 6:25 PM

School Directions


Glenbard North H.S.


ADDRESS:    990 Kuhn Road
                     Carol Stream, Illinois 60188        
PHONE:        630-681-3189    

FAX:             630-653-2804   

COLORS:      Black & Old Gold

ATHLETIC DIRECTOR:          Matthew Bowser

    Nancy Dolan

Click on school name below to get directions to Glenbard North:



Varsity - Hudson Gym
JV - Hudson Gym
Freshman - Fieldhouse

Varsity - Varsity Baseball Field
JV - Varsity Baseball Field
Sophomore - Varsity Baseball and Lower Level Baseball Fields
Freshman A -Lower Level Baseball Field
Freshman B - Lower Level Baseball Field

Basketball Boys & Girls
Varsity - Hudson Gym 
JV - Hudson Gym
Sophomore - Hudson Gym
Freshman A- Fieldhouse
Freshman B - Fieldhouse

Cross Country Boys & Girls
All Levels - Armstrong Park

Varsity - Weber Field
JV - JV Field
Sophomore - Weber Field
Sophomore B - JV Field
Freshman A - Weber Field
Freshman B - JV Field

Golf Boys
All Levels -Glendale Lakes Golf Course

Gymnastics Boys & Girls 
All Levels - Hudson Gym 

Soccer Boys & Girls
Varsity - Weber Field
JV - Weber Field
Sophomore - Lower Field Soccer Field (Boys) and JV Soccer Field (Girls)
Freshman  -  Lower Field Soccer Field (Boys) and JV Soccer Field (Girls)

Swimming Boys & Girls
All levels - N/A

Tennis Boys & Girls
All Levels - Tennis Courts West side of building

Track & Field Boys & Girls 
Indoor - All levels - Fieldhouse 
Outdoor - All levels - Weber Field

Volleyball Boys & Girls
Varsity - Hudson Gym
JV - Hudson Gym
Sophomore - Fieldhouse
Freshman A- Fieldhouse
Freshman B- Fieldhouse

All levels - Hudson Gym