Gold Cards

Gold Card Request Form


The Glenbard North Gold Card process is now 100% digital. Student-athletes must fill out the request form above to receive their gold card for the current athletic season. No student will be allowed to participate without a Gold Card showing proper eligibility, registration, and an up-to-date physical on file. 


*Requests for 2021-2022 gold cards will not start until July 12th, 2021. All request will need a valid physical and school ID number and will be sent to your school email*

Students can expect to receive a response about their gold card requests within 24 hours.

Gold Card Requests are pulled Monday - Friday at 9 am for processing.

Students will either be sent their digital Gold Card (replacing the former paper Gold Card) or be informed of any documents the Athletic Office might be missing to their school email address. 



Options for turning in an updated physical:

Upload your physical to the Glenbard North Gold Card Request Form

Email a copy to Ms. Hengesh at

Fax it to the Athletic Office at (630) 653 - 2804

Drop you're physical off to the Door 1 security desk


3/31/2022 11:59 PM


Glenbard North High School
Administration and Athletic Staff


Superintendent  Dr. David Larson
Principal Dr. John Mensik
Assistant Principal of Athletics Matt Bowser
Assistant Athletic Director Steve Wit
Administrative Assistant to APA Sarah Hengesh

Glenbard North Athletic Trainers

Shannon Malahy

Morgan Lederman

Fall Sports

Boys Cross Country Head Coach - Mark Karwowski
Girls Cross Country Head Coach - Eric Day
Football Head Coach - Ryan Wilkens
Boys Golf Head Coach - John Chamberlain
Girls Golf Head Coach - Dino Petrin
Boys Soccer Head Coach - Spero Mandakas
Girls Swimming (North-East Co-op) Head Coach - Chris Delgaldo
Girls Tennis Head Coach - Carrie Gonzalez
Girls Volleyball Head Coach - Leah Harding

Winter Sports

Boys Basketball Head Coach - Joe Larson
Girls Basketball Head Coach - Steve Wit
Bowling (North-West Co-op) Head Coach - Nick Szarzak
Competition Cheerleading Head Coach - Erin Dugan
Girls Gymnastics Head Coach - Dennis Wellman
Competition Dance (Poms) Head Coach - Gina Underwood
Boys Swimming (North-East Co-op) Head Coach - Luke Witteveen
Wrestling Head Coach - Travis Cherry

Spring Sports

Badminton Head Coach - Carolyn O'Donnell
Baseball Head Coach - Rich Smelko
Boys Gymnastics Head Coach - Dennis Wellman
Girls Soccer Head Coach - Spero Mandakas
Softball Head Coach - Josh Sanew
Boys Tennis Head Coach - Zanobia Syed
Boys Track and Field Head Coach - Mark Karwowski
Girls Track and Field Head Coach - Keilan Bonner
Boys Volleyball Head Coach - Dedra Debenedetti