11.18.2020: Winter Sports Update

Parents and Athletes,
Yesterday, the Governor announced a new set of mitigations under his Tier 3 Mitigation Plan.  As part of his plan, he has called for a temporary pause of all indoor youth sports.  We received word from the Illinois State Board of Education that this includes interscholastic sports as well.  As a result, we will be enacting a temporary pause of all of our remaining winter indoor sports (bowling, cheer, dance, girls gymnastics, and boys swimming) beginning on Friday November 20, 2020.  Our last day of in person winter practices will be Thursday, November 19.  As we receive more information during this pause, we will communicate with the coaches of each sport who will then notify athletes and parents within their program.  We do plan to have our groups and teams connect virtually while we are in this pause.
Glenbard West High School, our Athletic Department, and our Coaches are dedicated to doing everything we can to help our athletes have a safe and successful season.  We understand the importance of athletics and the impact it can have on our athletes.  
We understand that this is a difficult time for our athletes.  Many of them have worked so hard for this opportunity.  If there is anything we can do please reach out to me or any of our coaches if we can do anything to help.  
Please see link below to watch a recording of the 11.29.2020 Basketball & Winter Sports Webinar.  

12/31/2020 10:30 PM


2018-2019 Fresh (FA) Roster
Jersey Name Position Height Weight Class
1 Jack Cardwell 2022
2 Trevor DuVair 2022
3 Chris Hoppe 2022
4 Andrew Dauksas 2022
5 Joey Wallace 2022
10 Justin Thomas 2022
11 Brandon Bell 2022
13 Luke Olson 2022
14 Sebastian Vilkama 2022
15 Ethan Kaye 2022
20 Jack Desmond 2022
21 Kevin Schuman 2022
22 Chase Krueger 2022
23 Joshua Applewhite 2022
24 Louis Amabile 2022
30 Aaron Lewis 2022
31 Geovin Esmalla 2022
32 Charles Lange 2022
35 Graham Pierce 2022
40 Isaac Evangelista 2022
42 Nathan Milich 2022
44 Luke Nufer 2022
45 Evan Condon 2022
55 Joe Enright 2022
Coaching Staff